Select Show và then New. These series of games are based on the sport of , more specifically, , which features the , , & playable characters.

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Retrieved 5 January 2018. Single Play Single Play refers to one on one matches. WWE 2K15 were disappointed by the restrictive sầu customisation options, but this year Create-A-Wrestler, -Diva, -Entrance, -Belt, -Aremãng cầu & even -Show are baông chồng.


‘WWE 2K17’ Roster: All The Wrestlers in One Place (UPDATED) - Our journalists will try lớn respond by joining the threads when they can khổng lồ create a true meeting of independent minds.

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It also has the most Achievements, a whopping 58 of them on Xbox One. Unlocking all of those is a task bigger than Broông chồng Lesnar, but we've sầu got a comprehensive sầu guide with tips for every single Achievement. Can you dig it? Platkhung notes This Achievement Guide focuses on the Xbox One version of WWE 2K17, but the strategies herein also apply to the PlayStation 4 game. WWE 2K17 is much different on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Thus, this guide does not apply to them. MyCAREER tips & Achievements MyCAREER follows any Custom Superstar from his or her humble origins in the NX circuit all the way up lớn Superstardom. If you don't already have sầu a Custom Superstar, you'll be prompted lớn create one upon starting MyCareer mode. Your goal in MyCAREER is always to boost your popularity stat & win Championships. You can see the Excitement Multiplier in the Character section of the main MyCAREER menu. You want it to be Hot, not Cold, or else you'll thua popularity. Make sure khổng lồ always finish matches with four stars or higher. Setting the difficulty down lớn Easy is a good idea, as you want khổng lồ minimize the chance of losing. Also be sure to buy và equip moves with A or B ratings khổng lồ make your score build faster during matches. You can boost your Mic Performance attribute & buy and equip the Taunt and Staredown abilities lớn make this slightly easier. See this for more tips. Select the Character thực đơn, Appearance, Attire, and equip different t-shirts on your character. You should at least always be wearing a T-Shirt, even if you don't bother changing it. You must win the run-in or else your Excitement Multiplier will drop. It's safest to lớn avoid performing run-ins on tag teams, as the targeting & AI can lead to undue losses. My path starts here 15 MyCAREER - Complete the tutorial. Start progress through MyCAREER until you finish up at the training facility & graduate khổng lồ NXT or the WWE. Welcome to the main roster 15 MyCAREER - Complete your first match in RAW or SmackDown. RAW takes place on Monday night & SmackDown happens on Tuesdays. Just progress through MyCAREER until you graduate from the training facility. If you get sent khổng lồ NXT, you'll have lớn finish the NXT Championship or NXT Tag Team Championship before proceeding to lớn the WWE which will take a very long time. Once you've joined the WWE, your first match should happen during either RAW or SmackDown. The Achievement will pop once it ends. Big Four 15 MyCAREER - Participate in WrestleMania, Royal Rumble, SummerSlam, và Survivor Series. The popularity thresholds are not publicly known, annoyingly. See our MyCAREER tips above sầu for more advice. Birth of an NXT Champion 15 MyCAREER - Earn the NXT Championship. Six Championships appear in MyCAREER. After completing the Tutorial, you'll automatically be entered in one of them. You might be lucky enough lớn join the NXT Championship first. You'll have sầu khổng lồ bởi poorly during the training phase of MyCAREER, losing matches until you get slotted into lớn NXT. Otherwise, you must complete your current Championship before selecting a new one. To kiểm tra on your current Championship standing, select Rankings from the main MyCAREER thực đơn. The goal is to climb through the rankings and become the 1 Contender for your current Championship. This requires gaining as much popularity as possible. Follow our MyCAREER tips above sầu to lớn speed things along. Birth of an IC Champion 15 MyCAREER - Earn the Intercontinental Championship. See 'Birth of an NXT Champion' và our MyCAREER tips above. Birth of a US Champion 15 MyCAREER - Earn the United States Championship. See 'Birth of an NXT Champion' & our MyCAREER tips above sầu. Birth of a Tag Champion 15 MyCAREER - Earn the Tag Championship. See 'Birth of an NXT Champion' and our MyCAREER tips above. We have sầu a new Champion! See 'Birth of an NXT Champion' & our MyCAREER tips above sầu. Untouchable 30 MyCAREER - Get an overall value of 95 or more. Boosting your wrestler's attributes will raise his or her value. From the main MyCAREER thực đơn, press the Character button or select the Character box on the left. Piông xã Attributes và then spover VC points lớn increase the attributes of your choice. Almost every stat must maxed before your rating will reach 95. Since Attributes cost VC points, you can get a head start on this Achievement by buying the. Increase your VC Points gain by performing Promos every show, completing Authority Challenges, and periodically equipping new shirts on your wrestler. I am a Wrestling God trăng tròn MyCAREER - Purchase all abilities that can be purchased. From the main MyCAREER menu, press the Character button or select the Character box on the left. From there, you'll find the Abilities thực đơn. There are three levels of abilities, each with 12 abilities to lớn buy. You don't have to lớn buy all of the ability slots for this Achievement, just the abilities themselves. It will cost approximately 300,000 VC khổng lồ buy all 36 abilities. Additionally, the Fan Favorite Level 1 ability requires the Comebaông xã skill, which costs 45,000 VC. You'll find it under the Special kích hoạt section of the Skills menu. Because Abilities cost VC points, you can get a head start on this Achievement by buying the. Increase your VC Points gain by performing Promos every show, completing Authority Challenges, and periodically equipping new shirts on your wrestler. I am the best! From the main MyCAREER menu, press the Character button or select the Character box on the left. From there, you'll find the Skills thực đơn. Skills allow you to lớn perform special maneuvers during matches. There are 44 skills lớn buy, which will take quite a while. Increase your VC Points gain by performing promos every show, completing Authority Challenges, and periodically equipping new shirts on your wrestler. Skills cost VC points, so you can get a head start on this Achievement by buying the. Competent manager 15 MyCAREER - Purchase all managers that can be purchased. From the main MyCAREER thực đơn, press the Character button or select the Character box on the left. From there, you'll find the Managers menu. There are 21 managers lớn buy, which will cost a total of 828,000 VC. Paul Heyman will unlochồng after you complete your first Championship. Since Managers cost VC points, you can get a head start on this Achievement by buying the. Increase your VC Points gain by performing Promos every show, completing Authority Challenges, và periodically equipping new shirts on your wrestler. A run-in happens when a wrestler interrupts a scheduled match. You can persize one run-in per match card nightly show. You won't be able to bởi vì run-ins if you're in a rivalry, so avoid those by choosing different run-in targets và not calling out anyone during promos. Before starting the show, select it from the top of the main MyCareer thực đơn. Select any one-on-one match between AI opponents & press Left Trigger lớn plan a run-in. After selecting a run-in, you'll choose from four run-in types. Piông xã anything but Mid-match, as those take the longest. The other run-ins usually tend when you perform a Finisher on the opponent, so do that as quickly as you can. Simply perform a run-in every show for 10 shows & you'll have sầu the Achievement. Progress towards this Achievement can be tracked by snapping the Achievements phầm mềm. Before starting the show, select it from the top of the main MyCareer thực đơn. Select any Promo slot và schedule a promo for yourself. Self Promotion is the simplest promo to lớn perform. Regardless of your performance, you'll get the Achievement. See previous 'MyCAREER' tips for more promo advice. This Achievement mô tả tìm kiếm is mislabeled, as my testing indicates it can't be won in WWE Universe. You must vì chưng it in MyCAREER. Before attempting a call out promo against a rival, be sure to lớn max out your Mic Performance attribute. Equipping the Taunt and Staredown abilities can help as well. Choose a target for a rivalry — preferably a custom wrestler or someone with a low overall value rating. Stoke the fire by performing successful run-ins và calling hlặng out during promos every week. Eventually, he should become a rival. Once you have a rival, schedule a hotline Out promo & choose your rival as the target. If he shows up, you'll engage in a promo battle. See previous 'MyCAREER' tips for more promo advice. WWE Universe WWE Universe is WWE 2K17's season mode, following a complete yearly season of WWE programming. You can play any match during any show of WWE Universe, so you have a lot of freedom about which 50 matches these should be. Go after all of the other WWE Universe Achievements first, as you'll gain several wins during that process. To tốc độ along the remaining matches during any show, edit each match of the show to lớn your liking. The fasdemo way I've found to lớn win normal matches is by throwing opponents outside the ring, beating on them until the counts hits 8 or so, & then climbing bachồng in to win by count out. From launching the march until exit, this takes just under two minutes. Progress towards this Achievement can be tracked by snapping the Achievements phầm mềm. Road to lớn WrestleMania 15 WWE Universe - Win the Royal Rumble & get the WWE World HW Championship at WrestleMania. Select it & confirm that you wish khổng lồ simulate the matches leading up to it. Select it & confirm that you wish to simulate the matches leading up lớn it. Select the match in which the Royal Rumble winner is scheduled. Attitude Adjustment 15 WWE Universe - Max any personality trait of a Superstar by playing in a match. Confirm và start the show. Face of the WWE 15 WWE Universe - Create Major Shows for Mon-Sat & assign the same Superstar to lớn each show. Press the Y button khổng lồ Edit Calendar. Add the first 10Superstars as Participants to each show. Dangerous intent 15 WWE Universe - Inflict a critical injury status effect on an opponent in a match. Although all body toàn thân parts can take damage during a match, only one can receive an injury that carries over between matches. Remove all points from Head, Arms, & Legs, allocating them all lớn Body. Add Cactus Jachồng và the opponent you edited to lớn the first three matches. Win the match after that. He is now critically injured. Simulate the rest of the show's matches. The injured wrestler should recover, awarding you the Achievement. Destined for greatness 15 WWE Universe - Stack both Momentum & Hot Streak statuses to lớn 10 through gameplay or simulation. Actions speak louder than words 15 WWE Universe - Have the dominant personality trait of a Superstar change via gameplay. Confirm và start the show. Future of the WWE 15 WWE Universe - Cash in Money in the Bank at WrestleMania & win the Championship. Woman of the year 15 WWE Universe - Win or defend the WWE Women's Championship at WrestleMania. cảnh báo who has the Women's Championship belt. Accept all changes và start the show. Win for the Achievement. Control freak 15 WWE Universe - Play and complete each match on a show's match-card. Start a new or existing WWE Universe file. Main Event only consists of three matches, so it's perfect for this Achievement. If the current show is not Main Event, select Calendar and choose khổng lồ simulate to the next Main Event which takes place every Tuesday. Start the show and play all three of its matches in one session. Don't exit và come baông xã, or else you'll have khổng lồ start over. Scorpion 30 - Secret WWE Universe - Win a WrestleMania match between Undertaker & Sting. Single Play Single Play refers khổng lồ one on one matches. Initiate them from the Play section of the main thực đơn, though some can be done in other modes as well. Unknown veteran 30 Win 10 times using a custom Superstar. Single play This is technically a Single play Achievement, but you can get it without even trying in MyCAREER mode. Just win ten matches in MyCAREER, & it'll pop. Show-Off 15 Persize a Crowd or Opponent taunt. PLAY mode against A. You'll get this very early on. Just press left or right on the D-Pad lớn persize one of the taunts. Playing dirty 15 Win a match via dirty pin. Single play Dirty pins can only be performed by Superstars with the Dirty Sạc Pin skill. They can only be used twice per match, and you must have sầu a Finisher to lớn use one. Play One on One as Seth Rollins against Bo Dallas. Beat the enemy until most of his toàn thân is red. Use various moves to lớn knock the target into lớn position, face up and close khổng lồ the ropes. This can take numerous tries. If your opponent is downed in the right position, you'll see a Dirty Pin prompt while standing near hlặng. Hold the B button lớn perkhung the dirty pin. There's a chance the enemy could break out or the referee could break up the pin. If you use both dirty pin attempts unsuccessfully, just restart the match and try again. Gentleman in the ring 15 Push opponent into the ropes during chain wrestling khổng lồ persize a clean break. Single play Start a one on one match with Finn Balor and Neville. At the beginning of the match, press the A button without hitting a direction on either stiông xã to start chain wrestling. If it performs a regular grab instead of chain wrestling, press Left Bumper to cancel and then try again. Once chain wrestling starts, press the X button to lớn push the opponent inkhổng lồ the ropes. Don't press anything else after that — let the enemy make a clean break. Chain wrestling can only happen at the start of a match, so if it stops letting you initiate the chain wrestle, restart the match. Single play See 'Tragic Commentators. On the character select screen, press the Y button to select WWE Battleground as the aremãng cầu. You want to lớn completely clear a table in one go, as you won't be able khổng lồ clear it anymore if interrupted by the opponent. Make sure you have at least one Finisher ready per table. Press Right Bumper và the Y button simultaneously khổng lồ slam your foe into lớn the table. Restart if you fail lớn clear either table. Over the ropes you go! Single play The object of Royal Rumble is to lớn throw all other opponents out of the ring without being thrown out yourself. If you're thrown out, you'll need lớn restart the match. We can staông xã the odds a bit to make things easier. Do this quickly and accurately enough and you'll throw the opponent out. The minigame should start. However, you might want khổng lồ save your Finishers to lớn use as instant escapes when you get put inkhổng lồ the ropes yourself. If this happens, run away and put other wrestlers in between you. Single Play The submission minigame is one of the hardest things in the game for many people. If you struggle too much with the default minigame, you can change lớn the button mashing version by going inlớn Gameplay under Options & changing Submission Mini-trò chơi from Right Stiông xã lớn buttons. If you can weaken all of his parts, even better. This will initiate a submission. There's no easy way khổng lồ win a submission. If using the mặc định minigame, try to lớn catch the enemy's paddle for a moment và then reverse direction to lớn catch it when it moves. If playing the button minigame, holding the controller on a flat surface và rapidly & accurately jamming on the buttons is key. Should you own a controller with a turbo feature, that would make the button version a cinch. This match won't end! Single play See 'Three-Way stop. PLAY mode against A. Major reversals prompts have an orange circle around them. Only certain moves create major reversal opportunities. These are often preceded by green reversal opportunities, requiring you lớn succeed at both the green và orange reversals to lớn escape. But some moves only create the orange opportunity. Orange is what counts towards 'Three-way Stop' và 'This match won't over,' anyway. Turn the Reversal Limit Off. Play as Broông xã Lesnar against Rusev. If he starts punching on you, escape và back away a bit. Keep his mind on grapples! It took me 10-15 minutes in one match to lớn get it. Lightning reflexes 15 - Secret Reverse a curb stomp with the RKO catch Finisher. You can bởi this in single-player, but it's so much easier with two controllers. You don't need two actual people; I did it by myself. If needed, press D-Pad down lớn make sure the Finisher is selected và not a Signature move. Use Right Stick left or right to lớn turn hlặng over if he's on his baông xã. Ladder Bridge Powerbomb 15 Powerbomb an opponent through a bridged ladder. PLAY mode against A. Charge up at least one Finisher. Do this khổng lồ mix up a ladder bridge, holding Right Bumper before you hit Left Bumper. He should lean face-forward on the bridge. Hit Right Bumper và Y button lớn Powerbomb him through the ladder. Take it Backstage 15 Finish a match backstage. PLAY mode against A. PLAY mode against A. With the default options, you might randomly get attacked during the victory portion of a match. But you can hurry this along a little. Title shot 15 Attaông xã your opponent using the Championship Title. PLAY mode against A. Confirm & start the match. Vampire night 15 Complete an exhibition match at night time. PLAY mode against A. Giant spear 15 - Secret Exedễ thương a Big E Spear. Hold Right Bumper và Y button together to perform the Big E Spear. Lesnar Conquer 15 Persize Suplex thành phố with Brock Lesnar and win that match. PLAY mode against A. Play any one on one match with Brochồng Lesnar, choosing Paul Heyman as his manager. I tried without the manager, and it didn't unlochồng. Combine this with 'Suplex City' to lớn save time. Suplex City is a Signature move. Use left D-Pad taunts to gain momentum faster. If you get too much Momentum và earn a Finisher, tap down on the D-Pad to switch back khổng lồ Signatures. Once you have sầu a Signature move ready, use the Irish Whip Left Stiông xã plus B button to lớn throw your foe towards the ropes. When he comes bachồng towards you, hit the Y button for the Signature. Lesnar will deliver three suplexes in a row. Win the match, & you'll get the Achievement. Suplex City 30 - Secret With Lesnar, 'German Suplex 4' or 'Back Suplex 2' 10 times in a single match. Single play Play any one-on-one match as Broông xã Lesnar. Combine this with 'Lesnar Conquer' khổng lồ save sầu time. Just stun the enemy with punches, turn hyên ổn around, & perform the required suplexes over and over until the Achievement pops. Can't hunt the Beast! PLAY mode against A. Reversals are performed by hitting Right Trigger when the reversal prompt appears above your wrestler's head. Each successful reversal consumes one yellow reversal bar; they recharge over time. Whenever your reversals knochồng hyên ổn down, press up on the Right Stiông xã to stvà hyên baông xã up. If you want khổng lồ play as Broông xã Lesnar online, you can also persize reversals against the practice AI opponent while the game looks for opponents. Progress towards this Achievement can be tracked by snapping the Achievements app. Looking at the snapped tiện ích, reversals against online players count towards the Achievement! Matchmaker 15 Win in trăng tròn match variations. Single play The Play Menu offers eight basic game types. Each of these has several rule variations. For instance, there are 13 One on One variations. The actual wrestlers don't matter, just the combination of game and rule type. Just work your way down the list, playing one of each variation until you complete trăng tròn of them. Play as a different Superstar each time so that you progress towards 'Locker room rat' as well. Progress towards this Achievement can be tracked by snapping the Achievements phầm mềm. Locker room rat 15 Complete a match with 50 different Superstars. Single play Simple enough — play as 50 different characters across matches and game modes. You'll want lớn work down the menu alphabetically. First, complete the 'Matchmaker' Achievement. After that, the faskiểm tra way to lớn knochồng out matches is One on One Normal rules matches. This is a few seconds faster, but you'll earn less VC for it. Progress towards this Achievement can be tracked by snapping the Achievements phầm mềm. Online Bronze Age 15 WWE Online - Earn a Bronze medal. WWE Live, 2K Tonight Medals represent your online player màn chơi. There are four levels khổng lồ go through. The starting color, Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Each online match you participate in awards Prestige Points XP. that contribute towards your level. After filling the Prestige meter several times, you'll eventually reach the next medal color. To check your medal color và progress towards filling the meter, select 2K Tonight or WWE Live sầu from the main menu and then click in the Right Stichồng. On a silver platter 30 WWE Online - Earn a Silver medal. WWE Live sầu, 2K Tonight See 'Bronze Age. WWE Live sầu, 2K Tonight See 'Bronze Age. Team Up is a 3-versus-3 team-based mode. The challenge here is assembling two full teams of players. Team Up does not provide matchmaking during the team building process, so you can't even look for a game without a team of three friends. Once you've sầu assembled a team, you also need a competing team to lớn be matched against. Essentially, you must gather six friends to bởi vì this. Tonight is the night 15 Win the main event in 2K Tonight. It consists of a series of matches - the number varied by show day of the week. You must win each match type once in order to unlochồng the next33. After you win a match type, choose Quit rather than Next match, or else you'll keep doing the same match rather than moving on khổng lồ the type you just unlocked. Win the final match type và you'll get the Achievement. The final latch might be a Ladder match, in which case you'll use Left Bumper to lớn piông chồng up, phối down, & climb the ladder. Press up on the Right Stichồng lớn reach for the briefcase, & press Right Trigger during the minigame lớn get the ball into lớn the hole. Repeat until you fill the green bars up và win. You can win this naturally with skill và perseverance. But it's also possible to lớn boost it if you và an online frikết thúc can consistently get inlớn the same matches together probably during slower times like late at night. Creations Keeping it together 15 Create a new Group biệu tượng công ty. This is my yard 15 Create a show that uses a custom aremãng cầu và an imported hình ảnh sản phẩm for its show logo. You can even tải về our logo — just set the category khổng lồ Logos and search for Windows Central! Select Show and then New. Select your custom aremãng cầu. Use Right Bumper khổng lồ switch khổng lồ Custom. Fashion leader 15 Use a custom Championship và win a match. Confirm và start the match. Ready to wrestle WWE 2K17 might not include the traditional Showcase mode, but between MyCAREER, WWE Universe, and Single Play Achievements, players will still get dozens of hours out of the game. Trust me, I know! With the largest roster yet, fighting in the crowd và backstage, interactive sầu promos, và other refinements, WWE 2K17 recreates the WWE experience. Give it a try & let us know how useful you find this guide! Special thanks lớn the great members at for some of the strategies drawn upon in this guide. This post may contain affiliate liên kết. See our for more details.

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Colors were used to lớn represent the amount of damage done to a specific toàn thân area; yellow represented minimal damage, orange represented moderate damage, và red represented maximum damage. Play any one on one match with Broông chồng Lesnar, choosing Paul Heyman as his manager. Retrieved June 12, 2008. Yes, the WWE 2K17 prime is already looking quite healthy. Aggregate Review scores trò chơi PS1 86. Online gameplay was kept at a minimum, as online players only had two game modes lớn compete in: one-on-one and a Bra and Panties match, in which a player competes as a và strips the la of her clothes, until she is left with only her undergarments. Hold the B button lớn perkhung the dirty pin. Raw 2009 was also the first game khổng lồ feature characters as. This system is disabled by mặc định for and was disabled until 2K took over the series, with 2K16.

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