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Hi Inez. I"m Greg, an installation speciadanh mục and 9 year Windows MVPhường, here lớn help you. There is a new guided walk-through from for repairing Windows Update that leads up to lớn resetting components if necessary: Try running that first.You can also install the Updates manually that fail lớn install which are logged at Settings > Update và Security > Windows Update > Installed Update History, và then tìm kiếm for those to lớn tải về & install from this Catalog: http://chạy thử they continue lớn fail và interfere, then you can bloông xã them using one of these methods:ự kiện...Cheông chồng at Settings > System > About what version you"re running which should be 1803. Another thing you can vày vị if you haven"t yet is manually install April Verison 1803 by installing Media Creation Tool & choosing to Upgrade Now. This the most stable method to lớn upgrade lớn the new version (which you need anyway) and will bring you fully up khổng lồ date with reinstalled Windows that often will solve any other problems you have. You can use the same tool to lớn tải về the ISO or create bootable truyền thông so you only need lớn vì it once, & have the bootable media for repairs or possible Clean Install.

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If there are any hurdles during the Upgrade see these steps to optimize the install as this is evidence it"s corrupted: But remember that a factory or Upgrade install are inferior installs that most enthusiasts would never run in the first place because they"d expect endless issues. Most prefer to bởi vì the gold standard Clean install from this liên kết which has had no reported issues: is also an automated Refresh that reinstalls WIndows while shedding corrupting factory bloatware, saves your files, but doesn"t clear the drive to get it cleanest: hope this helps. Feel free lớn ask bachồng any questions & let us know how it goes. I"ll keep working with you until this is resolved. ________________________________________________________Standard Disclaimer: There are liên kết to lớn websites. The pages appear to be providing accurate, safe information. Watch out for ads on the sites that may advertise products frequently classified as a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Products). Thoroughly research any product advertised on the sites before you decide khổng lồ download và install it.

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_________________Windows MVP 2010-20Millions helped via my tutorials & personally in forums for 12 years. Now an Independent Advisor.I bởi not quit for those who are polite và cooperative.
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