Windows Media Player is a renowned truyền thông media player program developed by Microsoft. This truyền thông media library application is used to flawlessly play audtiện ích ios, and videos of various file formats on the Windows operating system including the lachạy thử Windows 10.

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Sometimes you might encounter an error on your Windows Media Player saying “Windows Media Player encountered a problem while playing the tệp tin.”


What are the possible reasons for videos not playing in Windows Media Player?

Window Media Player cannot play MP4, AVI, WMV, or MP3 files if it encounters a problem which can be due to various reasons. Such as;

1. If your video file is not playing on any truyền thông player then the reason is your đoạn phim file is corrupt or damaged.

2. If you can’t play certain video clip files then the reason is incompatible video format and codec.

3. Previously you could play a Clip file but now you can’t play that same tệp tin, then the problem is due to recently upgraded Windows truyền thông player or installing updated software or upgrading your operating system

4. Incomplete or improper download/ transfer of đoạn phim files can also be the reason for videos not playing

5. Downloading đoạn Clip files from unreliable sources

How khổng lồ fix Windows Media Player encountered a problem while playing the file?

Find here a complete guide lớn fix Windows Media Player encountered a problem while playing the tệp tin with the help of below 6 proven methods.

Method 1: Try Playing Videos on another Media Player

The first thing you should bởi is try khổng lồ play the same đoạn Clip on any other truyền thông media player such as VLC truyền thông player. If the video clip is working fine on other media player but not on windows media player, then the reason is the video file format or Clip codec is not compatible with Windows truyền thông media player. Kindly follow method 3 khổng lồ know more.

In case, the video is not working on any truyền thông players, then there’s a high chance that your video file is severely corrupt or damaged. Follow the next method to lớn know how to repair corrupt or damaged đoạn Clip files.

Method 2: Repair videos not playing on Windows Media Player

Utilize the Remo Video Repair which is Powerful yet user-friendly tool exclusively designed khổng lồ fix corrupt, damaged, or broken MP4, MOV, AVI, và many other video file formats. This tool works with the advanced đoạn phim repairing algorithms to lớn fix video clip causing the Windows Media Player error while playing the tệp tin in just a few steps.


Four Simple Steps to Repair any Corrupt Video Using Remo Video Repair Tool.

Step 1: Download và install the Remo Video Repair tool.

step 2: Click the Select File option lớn choose the corrupt video clip tệp tin which is not playing on the Windows Media Player.

Note: To repair MOV or MP4 đoạn Clip, you need lớn provide a healthy video as a reference file, và repairing AVI video clip does not require any reference tệp tin.

Step 3: Cliông chồng the Repair option to lớn start repairing a corrupt video tệp tin.

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Step 4: After the end of repairing process, you can pReview the repaired đoạn Clip for không lấy phí & cliông xã the Save sầu option to save sầu the playable video clip on a location of your choice.


Some of the codecs supported by Remo Video Repair software are as follows:Video Codecs: avc1, mp4v, mjpeg, jpegAudio Codecs: sowt, RAW, mp4a, ms, priv, twos


Method 3: Convert Incompatible video file format khổng lồ Windows Media Player compatible format

Even though Windows Media Player can easily play multiple file formats like MP4, AVI, WAV, MP3, etc. but this application is not compatible with some tệp tin formats. Therefore, Windows Media Player encounters a problem if you play the unsupported tệp tin formats on it. 

If you are looking lớn play an unsupported or incompatible file on your Windows Media Player, then it is recommended khổng lồ convert it to the Windows Media Player compatible format.

Method 4: Reinstall Windows Media Player

Reinstalling Windows Media Player can definitely help you fix issues related to the installation of the Windows Media Player application và thereby it can allow you khổng lồ play your videos or audio files effortlessly.

Step 1: Go to lớn Control Panel và select Programs and Features.


Step 2: Now, clichồng Turn Windows features on or off at the left side of the screen.


Step 3: A new window will open, Exp& Media Features danh sách & then, uncheck Windows Media Player & hit OK to lớn confirm.


Step 4: Now, restart your Windows computer & go bachồng to lớn the Media Features list khổng lồ kiểm tra Windows Media Player khổng lồ play your MP4, AVI, or WAV files without any problem.

If the error Windows Media Player encountered a problem while playing the đoạn phim or file is not related to the Windows Media Player installation, then head over to the next method lớn fix this issue.

Method 5: Try Updating Windows Media Player

The previous versions of Windows didn’t support many file formats or codecs, in order to lớn solve sầu those issues Microsoft releases updates every now and then.

Try Updating Windows Media Player and check if the issue is resolved or not. If the issue is not yet resolved then try using next methods.

Method 6: Download Windows Media Player Video Codecs

Codecs are crucial lớn compress & decompress videos or audio files while playing on Windows Media Player. Due to an unsupported codec, WMP cannot play your tệp tin.

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Downloading codecs can differ from one tệp tin format khổng lồ another. Below are the details for downloading codecs based on the tệp tin types.

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