At the over of September we announced that Flow events were being made discoverable within the Office 365 Security & Compliance Center. Today we are announcing that this feature has completed rolling out to all Office 365 tenants in production.

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The Office 365 Security và Compliance Center is designed lớn help organizations manage compliance across Office 365 including protecting data & complying with legal & regulatory standards. Customers have expressed interest in understanding how Flow is being used within their organization. For example, which users are creating flows? Are flows being shared? What connectors are being used? In addition, customers are also interested in understanding the distribution of paid and trial licenses. Using the Office 365 Security và Compliance Center provides insight inlớn both the consumption of the Flow service and licensing.

Office 365 tenant administrators1 reach the Security & Compliance Center by navigating to lớn From there, the Audit log search is found under the Search and investigation dropdown.


Within the Audit log search screen, Tenant administrators can search audit logs across many popular services including eDiscovery, Exchange, Power BI, Azure AD, Teams, Dynamics 365 và now Flow.

Once the phân tích và đo lường log search screen is accessed, an administrator can filter for specific activities by pulling down the Activities dropdown. By scrolling down the danh sách, a section dedicated khổng lồ Flow activities can be found. The Flow activities available for discovery include:

Created flow Edited flow Deleted flow Edited permissions Deleted permissions Started a paid trial Renewed a paid trial


With the Activities filter phối, a timeframe & additional search parameters can be provided. The search is initiated by clicking on the Search button.


Within the result set, Flow audit information including User, ActivityItem will be displayed. The Item liên kết can be clicked to get more details about the audit sự kiện.

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A Details page will emerge which contains supplementary information about the activity. Additional information can be viewed by clicking on the More information links.


Within the More information screen, we have sầu access to lớn additional details including FlowConnectorNames, which includes a các mục of the connectors used within the flow.


We also have sầu access lớn the FlowDetailsUrl which will take us to the Flow Admin center where we can perkhung additional administrative functions including managing permissions.


The retention period for audit data is 90 days. CSV exports of this data are also available which allow customers lớn further explore this data using Excel or nguồn BI.Customers can expect events lớn be available in the Office 365 Security & Compliance Center within 90 minutes of them occurring.

The Flow team is continuing to invest in the Admin experience. If you have sầu any feedback about Flow, or the admin experience, please feel miễn phí to post below in the comments, in our community, or reach out on Twitter.

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1 Accessing the Office 365 Security & Compliance Center requires an Office 365 license, with appropriate permissions, to use the Security và investigation feature. Please refer lớn this link for additional information.

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