Starting today the 10 Anniversary Update will begin rolling out for our customers around the world*. The 10 Anniversary Update is full of new features and innovations that bring Ink và Cortana** lớn life; a faster, more accessible & more power-efficient Microsoft Edge browser; advanced security features; new gaming experiences & more. The 10 Anniversary Update will start rolling out to 10 sản phẩm điện thoại phones in the coming weeks.

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The 10 Anniversary Update is being rolled out lớn 10 PCs across the world in phases starting with the newer machines first. You don’t have to lớn bởi anything to get the 10 Anniversary Update, it will roll out automatically lớn you through Update if you’ve chosen to have sầu updates installed automatically on your device. However, if you don’t want lớn wait for the update to roll out to lớn you, you can manually get the update yourself on your personal PC. If you’re using a 10 PC at work, you will need to check with your IT administrator for details on your organization’s specific plans to lớn update.

Here are a couple ways you can manually get the 10 Anniversary Update

Go khổng lồ Settings > Updates & Security > Update



2. The Anniversary Update will appear as, Feature update to 10, version 1607. Cliông xã update and the update will begin downloading and installing.

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Another way to lớn get the 10 Anniversary Update will be by clicking “Learn more” just below the “Looking for info on the latest updates? In Update.

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From there you’ll be taken to lớn a tư vấn page on that will allow you to lớn download the ISO tệp tin to lớn your PC.

We hope you enjoy the 10 Anniversary Update!

* 10 Anniversary Update will be available in all countries where 10 is available.**Cortana available in select markets
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