Of all effects, there are two categories the VSDC community gets especially excited about: transition effects và text effects. It happens so that the new version brings updates lớn both categories. In addition, there are new workspace customization possibilities, including optimized file management & the long-awaited markers.

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The best part? Most updates are available in the không tính tiền version. Let’s reviews them one by one.

Paper burn effect (Pro version)

The paper burn transition effect creates a realistic illusion of a burning piece of paper that reveals the following scene. You can apply it to lớn videos, however, it looks even more impressive sầu when applied to a still image.

Like all effects in VSDC, the paper burn transition is fully customizable. You can adjust the color, size, direction, & intensity of the flame. As an alternative template for this transition, you can select freezing.

The cherry on top? If you activate time inversion for this transition, the effect gets reversed. For instance, instead of a burning piece of paper, you’ll get a piece of paper that is restored from being burnt.

Flow transformation effect (Pro version)

Those who frequently use the Glitch effect, are likely to lớn be excited about the new transition effect called Flow transformation. With this option, the transition from one scene khổng lồ another is achieved through a fractal-driven image distortion that varies depending on the template you select.

For example, you can create an effect of an object not just being distorted, but falling inlớn a thousand pieces. With the time inversion, you can imitate the opposite process as well: when an object is being put baông chồng together from a thousand pieces.

The effect contains 4 main template types with variations. Those who like lớn experiment will be able khổng lồ upload their own distortion patterns, customize the distortion, & create a custom transition.

Animated text effects

Finally, VSDC 6.7 includes three animated text effects: Recoloring, Shift position, & Glyph FX. Designed to help you get full control of how text symbols appear in the scene, they enable you to create Hollywood-cấp độ intros, scene openings, & captions.

The Recoloring effect allows for changing the color or the level of opacity of text symbols. For instance, by making the letters on the screen appear one after another (switch from being transparent to being non-transparent), you can easily create the popular Typewriter effect, or its inverted “Unvì chưng typing” version.

The Shift position effect allows for making text symbols move sầu from one location lớn another on the screen. The Glyph FX effect allows for changing the appearance attributes of text symbols, such as their form size, skew angle, or rotation.

You can apply these effects separately or combine them in a single composition. For example, if you want text symbols to change their color & location at the same time, you can apply Recoloring and Shift position to lớn the same text object.


VSDC 6.7 brings a more convenient workspace for creators

In addition khổng lồ the new effects, the new version of VSDC includes markers và a few additional ways to organize your editing workspace. For example, there are 3 new workspace configurations designed for those who giảm giá with a large number of project files, those who focus on color correction, and those who already enjoy the default editing space but want it to be a bit more organized.

And that’s not all! The Object explorer now includes a search field, so you can quickly find files or groups of files in the project. The Resource window has been redesigned as well. Starting the new version, it enables you lớn select multiple files simultaneously, export files in groups, và delete those files you’re not using.

Remember to lớn download VSDC 6.7 from our official website, and feel không lấy phí to lớn gmail us at This gmail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled khổng lồ view it. if you have sầu any questions.

If you’re new lớn Clip editing, you may have stumbled upon the expression “non-linear đoạn Clip editing” or “NLE” which stands for “non-linear editor”. Don’t let the terminology confuse you because NLE is what most offline Clip editors are.

What does a non-linear đoạn phim editor mean?

A non-linear video clip editor is a đoạn phim editor that allows for placing audio and đoạn phim files on multiple tracks using any desired sequence. This means files don’t have sầu to lớn start strictly one after another: they can be overlapped & used simultaneously in the same scene.


Virtually all offline đoạn phim editors are non-linear. Some of the most popular free ones are VSDC, iMovie, and Davinci Resolve sầu. Some of the most popular paid ones are Adobe Premiere, Vegas Pro, and Final Cut Pro.

The best way khổng lồ fully understand what non-linear đoạn phim editing looks lượt thích, is by comparing it to linear đoạn Clip editing.

What is the difference between linear và non-linear editing?

One would say, the biggest difference between linear & non-linear editing is the number of tracks on the timeline. And they’d be right: linear Clip editors have just one track; non-linear video editors have sầu multiple tracks.

The linear editing approach was originally used years ago, when making a movie involved using physical tapes. A filmmaker would have lớn literally cut out the unwanted pieces of the original tape, take what’s left, and put it together in a new sequence khổng lồ create a story. And because you could only put pieces together one after another, this method was called linear.

Even when the industry started lớn evolve sầu, & it became possible lớn use digital cameras, some of the first Clip editors used the same linear approach. Take Movie Maker. Movie Maker had just one đoạn phim trachồng & one audio traông xã. This means you could only put pieces of đoạn phim in a direct sequence và use just one soundtrack at a time.

Unlike linear video editors, non-linear editing software allows you to lớn use multiple video clip tracks và audio tracks. This means files can be overlapped và overlaid. For example, you can place two videos one under another on the timeline and they will be displayed simultaneously during the playbaông chồng. This is how the side-by-side và picture-in-picture effects work.


Similarly, you can use more than one audio traông chồng. For example, you may want khổng lồ add background music & include voice comments at the same time. To do that, you’ll need to place two different audio files on two different audio tracks, và this is only possible to implement if you’re using an NLE.

What are the advantages of non-linear Clip editing?

As you’ve probably already figured, the key advantage of non-linear video editing is the freedom of the creative sầu process. Not only can you place multiple videos & images in the scene & display them as they are, but you can also overlay those videos and images together into lớn a new composition.

The examples of such effects are numerous. In addition to lớn those mentioned above, here are three more you’ve sầu probably heard of:

Video maskingDouble exposureChroma keying


What is the best non-linear editing software?

Because most modern-day video clip editors are non-linear, the question that really stands is which Clip editor is the best. The answer khổng lồ this question will vary based on your skill mix, experience, goals, and your computer power.

Below, we’ll Review some of the most popular non-linear Clip editors - both không tính tiền và paid - so you can see the difference for yourself.

Free non-linear đoạn phim editors

1. VSDC Free Video Editor (Windows)

VSDC is a miễn phí NLE designed for those who are familiar with the basic principles of Clip editing and willing to move sầu forward to lớn more advanced techniques. It boasts lots of stunning effects, customizable blur filters, a color correction toolphối, and a powerful Chroma Key. Keep in mind that VSDC only works on Windows.


If you worry about the system requirements - because most NLEs are indeed quite demanding - worry not. Compared to other đoạn Clip editors, VSDC is the most lightweight one. You won’t need a powerful PC khổng lồ use it & will be just fine with as little as 2GB of RAM.

The Pro version of VSDC includes a few features aimed at more professional-màn chơi users. It’s available at $19.99 per year và includes Clip masking, motion tracking, hardware acceleration, và audio waveform. However, as a beginner, you’ll most probably find the miễn phí version of VSDC more than sufficient for your needs.

2. iMovie (Mac)

iMovie is a mặc định non-linear video clip editor that comes pre-installed on Mac computers. Of all video clip editors in this danh mục, iMovie seems lớn have the simplest, most intuitive sầu interface, yet the least feature flexibility. In other words, you may not be able to lớn perkhung advanced tricks, such as đoạn phim masking or a custom animated intro, but you’ll be able khổng lồ quickly enhance your footage, add music, và apply effects like picture-in-picture.


Although you can’t use iMovie on Windows, you can use it on your iPhone & máy tính bảng ipad. This is a noteworthy feature if you have multiple Apple devices, because this means you can start cutting out the unwanted footage on the go & perkhung post-production later on your computer.

Overall, iMovie is a great choice if you’re a beginner or an intermediate-cấp độ user. It includes a decent color correction functionality, Chroma Key, titles, a mix of basic transitions & themes for slideshows & presentations.

3. Davinci Resolve (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Davinci Resolve is a professional-grade NLE used by indie filmmakers and Hollywood producers alượt thích. Its không lấy phí version is widely popular because of its outstanding color correction abilities & an abundance of convenient shortcuts - essential for those working with large amounts of footage on a daily basis.


The main downside of Davinci Resolve sầu is that it requires quite a lot of resources, & you won’t be able lớn run it on a slow PC - the program is likely to crash. Although, keep in mind that if you’re serious about your video editing hobby, eventually, you may have sầu to lớn nâng cấp your computer anyway.

If you’re surprised by such a powerful NLE being available for không tính phí, there’s an tăng cấp available as well. Blackmagic Design, the company developing Resolve, offers a commercial version of the program known as DaVinci Resolve sầu Studio. The aptly-named software is designed for filmmaking studquả táo and supports resolution higher than HD, frame rate higher than 60fps, additional OpenX plugins, motion blur, and some other pro-cấp độ tools. The Studio version is available for a one-time payment of $299.


Paid non-linear video clip editors

1. Adobe Premiere Pro (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Adobe Premiere Pro is considered a de-fackhổng lồ standard in the world of post-production. It’s been dominating the market since 1991 when it was originally launched under the name of Adobe Premiere. According to some movie makers, many of the remaining software developers are simply trying lớn create their own versions of Adobe & repeat their success.


Premiere Pro has everything you may ever need for post-production: powerful hardware acceleration, ProRes HDR, a large phối of transitions and special effects, video noise reduction, audio mixer, & integration with various plugins including the Borix FX library. That’s not to say that the tool never crashes or has zero flaws, but the truth is, they are the pioneers of digital đoạn phim editing, và it’s hard to find something that’s missing compared to its alternatives.

Of course, such a powerhouse of an editor comes with a price tag. After a 30-day không tính tiền trial, you can choose khổng lồ pay $31.49 for a monthly subscription or $239.88 for an annual plan. Along with the subscription, you get 100GB of cloud storage, Premiere Rush, Adobe Portfolio, Adobe Fonts, and Adobe Spark.

2. Vegas Pro (Windows)

Vegas Pro (formerly Sony Vegas) is a post-production suite for Windows. It’s also aimed at professional-grade users & packed with professional-level tools. However, the interface, as well as the ngắn gọn xúc tích of this software, differ from what Adobe fans are used khổng lồ.


As a pro-level tool, Vegas is designed khổng lồ make collaborative editing easier. One particularly useful feature available in Vegas Pro is nested timelines. It doesn’t just allow you khổng lồ completely reorganize the editing workflow, but it also lets you separate pieces of your project from the main timeline, và most importantly, tóm tắt those pieces with your colleagues - without having to save them as separate projects. Feature-wise, there’s no lachồng of tools for both beginners và advanced users. One of Vegas" key advantages is the AI algorithms used lớn achieve sầu flawless motion tracking, video clip stabilization, and color correction.

There are two ways to lớn purchase Vegas Pro. You can opt for a monthly subscription or make a one-time purchase directly from the developer trang web. The former costs between $29.99 & $39.99, depending on the billing cycle you select; the latter costs $999 and comes with a year of free updates. You can order a physical version of the software too, if you want. 

3. Final Cut Pro (Mac)

Final Cut Pro is a non-linear video clip editor invented by Apple, and it has been the next step for those who have sầu outgrown iMovie. Although Adobe Premiere works on macOS too, many Mac owners prefer using Final Cut Pro because of its interface, rendering tốc độ, và price tag.


The truth is, both NLEs provide outstanding đoạn phim editing platforms and can satisfy the needs of an experienced movie editor. Yet, according khổng lồ many, Final Cut Pro appears lớn be more friendly for a beginner but slightly less sufficient for a professional. For example, the interface of Final Cut is based on the magnetic timeline & can be easily adjusted into a single-traông xã platform, which is usually more convenient for an average user. Another advantage of Final Cut is that it allows you for using the program while exporting a tệp tin. It’s also known for faster rendering, whereas Adobe users often complain about rendering speed và the fact that Premiere Pro locks the program during export.

If you decide khổng lồ purchase Final Cut Pro, your only option is a one-time $299.99 payment. Although it sounds lượt thích a lot, Final Cut Pro will be a cheaper editor than Premiere Pro in the long run because an annual subscription for the latter is about the same amount, yet it doesn’t let you continue using the software if you stop paying.



Let’s recap everything we’ve learned. First, virtually all offline video clip editors are non-linear Clip editors. Second, non-linear video clip editing means you’re able to lớn use multiple tracks và overlay files. Finally, there’s no such thing as the best non-linear đoạn phim editor. Many of them are excellent, và you should choose one based on your màn chơi of experience, your budget, and your computer specs.


Of all video clip editing tools for Mac, iMovie is our favorite one, and we’ve sầu recommended it many times on this blog. iMovie comes pre-installed on most Apple devices; it’s không tính phí and intuitive. It’s also a favorite video editor of many – from amateur users to professional YouTubers. There is just one little inconvenience about iMovie: it’s unavailable on Windows.

Before you ask, no, there are no plans lớn release iMovie for Windows, and there is no way khổng lồ install iMovie on a Windows PC either. So, if this is what you were looking for, we suggest you look at 6 không tính phí video clip editors that make good iMovie alternatives for Windows, regardless of your PC specs.

As a main criterion during the research, we chose the following:

The software should be 100% không tính phí, with no trial periods or watermarks after export.It should be a non-linear video clip editor that allows for blending and overlaying files easily.

Keep reading lớn see which đoạn Clip editing tools made it lớn our list!

1. VSDC Free Video Editor

VSDC is a miễn phí đoạn phim editor the GoPro tư vấn team recommends to PC users. It is the most lightweight tool out there & it runs even on slow computers with little memory. The reason why it is widely recommended is that unlike many không lấy phí đoạn phim editors, VSDC allows you to easily open videos of any codec, unique, & framerate, including 1trăng tròn fps footage. Once you finish editing, VSDC allows you to use Clip export profiles pre-configured for various devices & social media platforms. You get khổng lồ keep the high unique of the đoạn phim, và you don’t have sầu to bởi vì any manual adjustments.


Feature-wise, there is a lot to lớn unpaông xã. You’ll be able lớn bởi vì basic video editing operations: cutting, cropping và rotating. You can also enhance audio, create stylish titles, & apply speed effects (slow-motion, và fast-motion that is). However, getting VSDC just for the most basic features would be a waste of its resources. Besides being one of the closest iMovie alternatives for Windows, this video editor boasts lots of modern filters & effects, such as glitch, Chroma Key, long shadow, lens glare, realistic raindrops, and more. The cherry on top is the Adjustment category of effects that offers several color correction tools: quiông chồng Instagram-style filters, LUTs, RGB và Hue&Saturation curves.

What makes VSDC stvà out is how easy it is to lớn overlay files & control their opađô thị. This means you can manually place any images, icons, text objects, or other videos on your footage, resize them, and either blkết thúc them together or use a picture-in-picture effect lớn display several images simultaneously. This is especially convenient if you create reaction videos, đoạn Clip tutorials, or news-style clips.

Download VSDC Free Video Editor

2. Olive

Olive sầu is an open-source video clip editor that works on macOS, Windows, and Linux. The tool is currently in development and available in the alpha version, but it performs well và looks promising. According to lớn the đoạn phim editing community on Reddit, Olive sầu is one of the best iMovie alternatives for Windows.


Olive is simpler than most video editors on this list in many ways: it is based on shortcuts, it has a bare minimum of effects & transitions, & overall, its interface is clean & straightforward. You can perform some of the operations right in the pđánh giá window where you can downkích cỡ, rotate, & relocate files – again, quite a convenient feature for the split-screen & picture-in-picture effects. Plus, there is a built-in voice recorder, audio noise effect, & a simple title creator.

Keep in mind that Olive sầu is a work in progress which means more features will be introduced in the future. However, even for now, it’s a decent choice for someone who occasionally needs to quickly merge a few friends & family videos, add a soundtraông xã and captions.

Download Olive Clip editor

3. Davinci Resolve

If you’re seriously interested in post-production & your ultimate goal is to master the art of color correction, Davinci Resolve sầu is the tool khổng lồ go for. After all, it is the software used for color grading of La La Land!

Developed by the company named Blackmagic Design, Resolve sầu is both resourceful và resource-intensive sầu. It’s probably not a good option for total beginners and you should only consider installing if you have a powerful enough đoạn phim card và hardware. However, if you bởi install this beast of an editor, you literally get everything và a kitchen sink for making movies.

Xem thêm: Số Ref Là Gì ? Ref Là Viết Tắt Của Từ Gì? Ý Nghĩa Của Từ Ref


The feature phối of Resolve sầu includes essential đoạn Clip editing tools, advanced color correction controls, audio mixing & visual effects. Of course, you can add titles, captions, và subtitles, too. If you’re switching from iMovie, the interface may intimidate you because of numerous tabs & screens, but with the abundance of Clip tutorials online, you’ll figure it out.

The downside of Davinci Resolve sầu, apart from the fact that it only works well on high-kết thúc machines, is format compatibility. If your footage comes in AVI, for example, you might have sầu to use a 3-rd các buổi tiệc nhỏ conversion tool before importing it to the editor.

Download Davinci Resolve

4. HitFilm Express

HitFilm Express is a godskết thúc for the fans of special effects. In our list, it comes after Resolve sầu because it’s also aimed at movie-maker wannabes. Technically, Express is the free edition of HitFilm video editor aimed lớn give sầu you the taste of what the Pro edition offers. For those on the budget, however, the không tính phí feature set will be sufficient as well. Plus, if you want to lớn use a particular filter or effect unavailable in the free version, you can purchase it as a separate add-on without having to lớn upgrade lớn Pro.


That’s not to lớn say HitFilm Express lacks built-in effects và animation. Once you put your files together on the timeline & cut out the unwanted pieces of footage, you can add stylish title transitions & spice things up by creating a so-called “Composite shot”. Within the composition menu, you get to lớn work with lots of impressive sầu effects such as fire, explosion, glitch, và some chất lượng sci-fi effects like the Iron Man HUD, muzzle flash, or sky replacement. In addition, there is a convenient Chroma key tool that allows you to quickly remove a green, blue, or red background. Prices for the paid add-ons vary from $19.99 khổng lồ $49.99, and you can get some really chất lượng effects like the eyes of a white walker from the Game of Thrones.

Download HitFilm Express

5. Kdenlive

Kdenlive sầu has been a go-khổng lồ video editor for many Linux users over the past few years. However, it works on Windows too, và you may consider it an iMovie alternative. Just lượt thích VSDC, Kdenlive is lightweight & runs on low-end computers. The installation process is somewhat tricky, but the interface is straightforward. Even without having to lớn look for Clip tutorials, you’ll be able lớn trim your footage, mute or remove sầu audio, change tốc độ, volume, và add standard đoạn Clip effects.


Kdenlive offers only two video clip tracks (which is sufficient for an average user) và allows you lớn overwrite files. What we liked about Kdenlive sầu is a handy feature titled “Add color clip” that quickly adds a screen of any color lớn the timeline. You can & use that screen as a transition between video clip chapters, or as a background for intro & outro. Kdenlive sầu lacks built-in title templates but if you visit Kdenlive sầu user forums and KDE store – you’ll find plenty of animated title templates, FX, và export profile presets.

Download Kdenlive

6. Openshot

Openshot a simple video clip editor that won’t impress you with a fancy interface, but it should be sufficient for most basic operations. It allows you lớn quickly cut và merge video files using multiple tracks, add music, create template-based titles, và even play around with animation (although, you’ll have khổng lồ install additional software to lớn work with 3D animation). Filters, effects, & transitions are easily applied via drag’n’drop.


What we like the most about this tool is how intuitive sầu it is for beginners, yet powerful for those willing lớn vì chưng a little tinkering. Take title và transition templates. You can apply ready-made options in a couple of clicks even if you have sầu zero experience, and the result will be decent. But you can also play with the properties & fully customize the result khổng lồ your taste. Overall, Openshot is a good choice if you’re a beginner. It comes with a minimal learning curve sầu and even includes pop-up windows lớn walk you through the software the first time you launch it.

Download Openshot

What is the best iMovie alternative sầu for Windows?

The answer khổng lồ this question really depends on the one who is asking. There is no “best” solution when it comes to lớn Clip editing software because what’s best is defined by your needs, your skills, & of course, the horsepower of your PC. If you’re after the most lightweight solution out there, choose VSDC. If you’re an aspiring filmmaker who wants to lớn produce Hollywood-cấp độ videos, get yourself Davinci Resolve & look no further. If you want an open-source solution, go for Kdenlive or Olive.

Before you make the decision, feel free khổng lồ consult with this table comparing iMovie alternatives for Windows.


Happy editing! Let your creativity flow.

Updating VSDC during the holiday season has become a tradition, and this year will not be an exception. We’re thrilled to lớn introduce VSDC 6.6 packed with over a dozen new features designed to spark joy và creativity. We hope that the brand-new Chroma Key toolset, the Optical flow reframing mode, a quick-and-fun way lớn add masks khổng lồ a face in a video clip, the particle effect, & the enhanced không tính phí shape feature will keep you busy for a while.

Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at these updates.

Create đoạn Clip postcards in no time using upgraded Chroma Key

Of all new features, Chroma Key has received the biggest overhaul. Both versions – VSDC free & VSDC Pro got updated và now there is not just one but three background remover modes to lớn choose from:

HSL chroma key color (Pro)YUV chroma key color (Free)By chromakey mask (Free)

Experienced đoạn phim creators are familiar with the challenge of removing background colors from a video with poorly lighted areas or tiny, thin objects lượt thích strings or hair. That’s why these new modes were designed with one goal in mind: khổng lồ help you cope with that task effortlessly.

If you want the fastest & most precise way khổng lồ remove sầu colors from the video – consider using the HSL color space. Instead of picking a single color that needs lớn be removed, it enables you to lớn select a range of color tones located cthất bại khổng lồ each other on the Hue, Saturation, & Brightness spectrum. This approach allows you to lớn get rid of the entire Clip background even if there is a tone difference.

Those using the không tính phí version of VSDC, get an updated YUV mode which is now capable of removing a Clip background more precisely due to lớn additional colors và the Adaptive sầu alfa settings.

Finally, we’ve implemented a completely new approach to remove sầu colors from a đoạn phim. It is called “By chromakey mask”. This mode suggests that you upload an image to lớn the project & use it as a “chromakey mask”: the software will compare colors in the image và in the đoạn phim and remove sầu the matching ones.

Get festive wearing animated face masks

Another new tool to lớn make you excited is called Face landmarks. It allows you lớn quickly place a pre-designed mask on a face using a face detection và tracking algorithm. When you apply the Face landmarks effect, VSDC places several control points on the face – each point assigned khổng lồ a particular face area: left eye, right eye, forehead, and so on. Next, based on the location of these points, VSDC places a pre-designed image that will follow face movements – just lượt thích in Instagram or Snapchat.

There are a few ready-made mask collections already available lớn you, but you can upload your own images và use them as a face mask as well. This is just the first version of the Face landmarks effect, & we’re determined khổng lồ expvà its functionality. Stay tuned!

Capture magic in slow motion with new reframing modes

The following mighty update will bring joy to lớn the slow-motion video fans. If you’ve ever tried to achieve a perfect slow-motion effect, you probably noticed that the more you reduce the playbachồng speed, the choppier the video clip gets. This is a common issue easily explained by a drastic frame reduction: the lower the speed is, the fewer frames are displayed per second and the bigger the gaps between frames are.

With the new reframing modes called Blending and Optical flow, stutter becomes an issue of the past. Both will help you quickly achieve sầu a smooth slow-mo effect: the former – by duplicating and overlapping frames; the latter – by using AI lớn create the missing frames from scratch. Naturally, Optical flow is more efficient, yet it’s also more resource-demanding. You can see how it works in the video below:

Let it snow with the Particle video clip effect

Particles is a new eye-catching effect located in the “Nature” section of the Video effects menu. It enables you khổng lồ create an illusion of falling particles, such as leaves or snowflakes. Like most VSDC effects, this one is highly customizable, which means you’ll be able to change the form size of the particles, the “wind” direction, the speed they are falling at, & their location in the scene: background, foreground, or mid-distance view.

There are several templates for this effect already available, but you can also upload your own images & use them as particles.

Other important updates

There are a few more features we’d lượt thích lớn include in this post. Some of them might be slightly less noticeable but they are also long-awaited & exciting updates:

AV1 (or AOMedia Video 1) is now in the list of supported formatsVideo transitions can now be made much smoother due khổng lồ the Alpha channelWhenever you change Clip playbachồng tốc độ, you’ll be able to change audio tempo as wellSubpx resolution is now available in the free version of VSDCVideo effect rendering has been optimized khổng lồ increase speed and reduce memory usageYou can now zoom in on a scene by holding down the Ctrl key & scrolling up on the mouse wheel

To top it off, the miễn phí shape feature got a serious nâng cấp, too. We couldn’t find a better way to demonstrate it than by recreating the annoying orange effect. Enjoy watching it!

Download the lakiểm tra version of VSDC here and feel free khổng lồ shoot us an email at This gmail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled khổng lồ view it. if you have any questions.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from the VSDC team,

Ho ho ho!

If you need khổng lồ remove sầu a green background from a Clip, there is no easy way to lớn do it without the so-called “chroma key software”. It is a đoạn phim editing tool that allows for isolating (keying) a color (chroma) và removing it from the footage entirely. You will then be able to lớn easily replace the background with another đoạn phim or image, or you can leave sầu the background transparent if that is your goal.

To save you the hassle, we have reviewed không tính phí chroma key software for PC, macOS, và Linux. These tools are intuitive sầu, beginner-friendly, and absolutely miễn phí (as in beer!).

Best free chroma key software reviewed

There are five Clip editors that made it to the list:

Shotcut (Windows, iOS, Linux)OpenShot (Windows, iOS, Linux)HitFilm Express (Windows, macOS)

Below, you’ll find their brief overview, system requirements, and the liên kết khổng lồ the background removal tutorials lớn help you get started.


1. VSDC Free Video Editor (Windows)

VSDC is a miễn phí Clip editor for Windows that brings a lot of handy add-ons on board. Its toolset includes a desktop screen recorder, a webcam video grabber, a voiceover tool, và a YouTube uploader.


Once you launch VSDC, the chroma key tool will be available in the Video effects menu. To remove a green background from your footage, follow these steps:

Import your đoạn phim using the Import content option on the start screenGot to Video effects và select Transparency >> Background removerIf the green background hasn’t disappeared automatically, open the Properties window on the right-hand sideFind the parameter named Chromakey color and clichồng on the eyedropper. Then cliông xã anywhere on the green background lớn select the color that needs khổng lồ be removed

If there are any green highlights left around the object, go baông chồng to lớn the Properties window and manually change the values of the brightness và chromaticity thresholds. Check out this detailed video clip tutorial below to see the process for yourself:

Once you remove sầu the background, you can replace it with another image or đoạn phim. Just drag the new file khổng lồ the timeline and place it one layer below the original đoạn Clip. The new footage will be seen through the deleted areas that used to lớn be green. If you want, you can export your Clip with a transparent background, too!

VSDC system requirements: VSDC is very lightweight and runs even on low-end PCs. You’ll need lớn have sầu 1Gb RAM, at least 300Mb of free disk space, Hãng sản xuất Intel, AMD or compatible processor with the working frequency at 1.5 GHz or higher. It’s always recommended to lớn have sầu the latest Windows OS as well, however, you’ll be able to run VSDC even on Win 7 or XP

Download VSDC from the official website


2. iMovie (iOS và macOS)

iMovie is a mặc định đoạn Clip editor for iOS và Mac, & the best part about this phầm mềm is that it works on both the desktop & the Smartphone devices by Apple.

Just like VSDC, iMovie is a non-linear đoạn phim editor. This means files can be placed on different layers one under another on the timeline, so you can blend them together. Unlike VSDC though, iMovie allows you lớn remove sầu both green và xanh screens.


The process goes as follows:

Place the new background image or video clip on the timelineThen add a green or xanh screen video clip khổng lồ the layer above itUse the Video Overlay Settings button & select Green/Blue screen from the dropdown menuOnce you perkhung this action, the chroma key controls, such as Softness & Clean-up, will display on the toolbar at the top. Use them lớn adjust the effect & brush up any imperfections

For a detailed guide to lớn using the iMovie chroma key feature on iPad and iPhone, check the official tutorial.

iMovie system requirements: if you’re planning khổng lồ use it on an iPad tablet, iPhone, or iPod touch, you should have sầu iOS 13.4 or later. For Mac, you’ll need macOS 10.14.6 or later, 2GB of RAM (4GB recommended), an OpenCL-capable graphics card.

Download iMovie from the App Store.


3. Shotcut (Windows, macOS, Linux)

Shotcut is an open-source Clip editor that works on Windows, macOS, and Linux. It’s a powerful software with the chroma key feature available among the list of effects. However, if you’re new to lớn đoạn phim editing, you might feel slightly overwhelmed by the layout, mainly because it’s quite minimalistic và it’s not always obvious where you can find the required features.

The great part about this program though is the selection of hotkey combinations that will help you tốc độ up the editing process.


Below is a short guide to removing green screen in Shotcut:

First, upload the tệp tin that will serve as a new background. Next, import the green-screen video clip (use Ctrl + I to add a new đoạn Clip trachồng khổng lồ the timeline).Make a clichồng on the green-screen video clip and open the Filters menu from the toolbar at the top.Use the “+” icon and search for the option titled Chroma Key: SimpleMost times, the effect is applied immediately. However, if it didn’t work for you or the green color has disappeared partially, use the eyedropper and/or manually adjust the parameter called Distance.

Shotcut system requirements: x86-64 Hãng Intel or AMD; at least one 2 GHz core for SD, 2 cores for HD, OpenGL 2.0, at least 4 GB RAM (8 GB for HD).

Visit the official website to lớn tải về the software for your OS.


4. OpenShot (Windows, macOS, Linux)

The following chroma key software on the list is called OpenShot. Its interface is way simpler than any other solutions have, & the thực đơn structure makes this tool a great Movie Maker alternative sầu for beginners.


To replace a green background in OpenShot, follow these steps:

Drag your files (the green-screen video and the new background) khổng lồ the Project Files tab.Place the clips on the timeline following the same order: green-screen Clip on the top layer, the new background footage – below.In the Effects tab, tìm kiếm for Chroma Key & drag the effect to lớn the timeline over the green-screen đoạn phim.

Once you apply the effect, you’ll notice a “C” inhỏ above the green-screen video clip on the timeline. It stands for “Chroma Key settings”. Unlike most free chroma key software, OpenShot allows for removing any color và doesn’t limit you lớn green or blue. However, that adds an extra layer of work because you’ll need to lớn manually pichồng the color you want lớn key out.

To vày that, right-cliông xã on the “C” icon và open the Properties menu. Find the parameter named “Key color” and make a double-clichồng. A color palette window will pop up, & you’ll be able to lớn pichồng a color for isolation. If you notice that some areas in the đoạn Clip remain green, use a feature called “Fuzz” available in the Properties thực đơn. Want to lớn see everything for yourself? Watch the official tutorial here.

OpenShot system requirements: 64-bit OS, 4GB of RAM (16GB recommended), 500 MB of hard-disk space for installation, Multi-core processor with 64-bit support.

Visit the official developer’s website.


5. HitFilm Express (Windows & macOS)

HitFilm Express is the không tính tiền version of the premium video editing software by FXtrang chủ. The developer company is focused on bringing special effects to lớn amateur filmmakers, so naturally, the green screen và the xanh screen removal tool made it to the danh sách of key features.


Here is a quichồng guide khổng lồ using this chroma key software:

Upload project files by dragging them lớn the Media box. Then place them on the timeline with the green or blue-screen Clip being on the top layer.Open the Effects tab và type Green screen, then drag the Màu sắc difference key effect to the timeline over the green-screen video.Make a double-click on the effect khổng lồ open additional controls. Toggle the Min, Max, và Gamma settings to lớn achieve the desired level of transparency.

Visit FXtrang chủ official website.

How to lớn choose the best chroma key software for your computer?

It’s always a good idea to tải về and kiểm tra a couple of solutions before making the final decision. Here are the questions that will help you make the right choice:

1. What are the software system requirements?

Here is the thing. When it comes to software, the final say belongs lớn your computer. And if you have a low-spec machine, perhaps, you should tìm kiếm ahy vọng video clip editors for slow computers in the first place.

However, it’s not just the đoạn phim editor & your computer. The size of the files you’re planning lớn work with matters a lot, too. This means if you’re planning to edit large or high-unique files, there is always a chance of the software freezing or crashing in the process. With that in mind, make sure khổng lồ find out how to mix the autosave sầu feature (most video clip editors have sầu it built-in) and how the backup works.

2. Which color is the background in your video?

Some chroma key software can help you remove sầu video background only if it’s green. Other tools are able to lớn key out any color. So, if you need khổng lồ replace xanh, red, or any other color that is different from green, make sure that the software of your choice allows that.

For instance, iMovie allows you khổng lồ remove green & xanh colors only. OpenShot, on the other h&, allows you lớn key out any color but you’ll have sầu to lớn piông xã it manually.

3. Will you need any other editing features?

So… what are your plans? Are you here khổng lồ quickly vày one thing và forget all about đoạn phim editing, or are you on a mission lớn start your tiny but mighty video clip production studio? If it’s the latter, you might want lớn poke around & see other features the tool offers. You also need to check the software developer company’s social truyền thông, how-lớn guides, or any other platforms you’ll be able to resort lớn, should you have questions.

As a bare minimum, we recommend practicing some basic operations lượt thích đoạn Clip splitting và merging, changing the playbachồng speed, importing or removing audio, and adding titles. Make sure these features are intuitive sầu to lớn you. Next, consider sifting through a danh sách of text or đoạn Clip tutorials to get an idea of what else the software is capable of.

Resources for your inspiration

If you enjoy the magic that chroma key software brings, you might want to learn more about it & eventually try more complex tricks. There are plenty of resources at your disposal, both for practicing & inspiration.

We suggest checking out the following links:

Videezy và Videvo – free Clip stochồng marketplaces where you can download green screen videos at zero cost to lớn thử nghiệm the new software và practice your skills.

Our green screen software guide – this article includes a few DIY ideas for shooting a green screen video at trang chính.

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Cine 24 VPX – a YouTube channel with lots of green screen Clip hacks and ideas you’ll definitely want to replicate.

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