I had a trial of Visual Studio 2010 running, but now I"ve sầu run out of days. When I try khổng lồ extkết thúc the trial it sends me to the Ultimate version for the key extension. I signed up there và everything và got a code, but when I insert it in Visual Studio 2010 it says the code is invalid.

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How vì chưng I succesfully get a Professional trial key extension?

Phường.S. The site is also in Japanese for me, which makes it even more difficult.

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You can get the correct key by doing the following:

Go to lớn Control Panel -> (Un)Install software;Browse to lớn your Visual Studio 2010 install và click Remove/Change;The Visual Studio Maintenance Mode Wizard will load, wait a little & cliông chồng next when it"s done;Sign up with your Microsoft tài khoản và apply for the trial extension;Wait for the mail Microsoft sent you và use the provided key the extover your trial. (This code should work!)

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Error 'LINK : fatal error LNK1123: failure during conversion to lớn COFF: tệp tin invalid or corrupt' after installing Visual Studio 2012 Release Pđánh giá

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