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Đang xem: To the extent là gì


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Từ điển Collocation

extent noun


Bạn đang xem: To the extent là gì

full, greakiểm tra, maximum, overall The overall extent of civilian casualties remained unclear. | actual, exact, precise, true | geographical, territorial

VERB + EXTENT reach The railway network had reached its greathử nghiệm extent in route mileage. | see | consider, examine, explore, investigate | assess, calculate, estimate, evaluate, gauge, judge, measure | define, determine, establish, identify a statement defining the extent of Latvia”s territory | discover | acknowledge, appreciate, realize, recognize | know, underst& We vì chưng not yet know the extent of her injuries. | demonstrate, illustrate, indicate, make clear, reflect, reveal, show The operation revealed the extent of the cancer. | outline a lengthy agenda outlining the extent of global environmental problems | discuss | clarify, explain | emphakích thước, highlight, underline The victory underlined the extent khổng lồ which Prussia had become a major power. | exaggerate, overstate She was exaggerating the true extent of the problem. | overestimate | underestimate | play down, underplay, understate The government sought khổng lồ play down the extent of the problem. | ignore | conceal, obscure | limit, reduce, restrict khổng lồ reduce the extent of deforestation


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in ~ The park is about 20 acres in extent. | to lớn an ~ To an extent (= to lớn some degree) East-West distrust continued throughout the war. | to lớn a … ~ He had withdrawn from the company of his friends khổng lồ an alarming extent.

PHRASES at sth”s fullest/greathử nghiệm extent At its fullest extent the Angevin Empire comprised most of western France. | to lớn a considerable/great/large/significant extent, to lớn a certain/to some extent To some extent, we are all responsible for this tragic situation. | to lớn a lesser/limited/small extent The pollution of the forest has seriously affected plant life and, to lớn a lesser extent, wildlife. | khổng lồ the same extent People no longer live sầu in small communities to the same extent as they used khổng lồ.

Từ điển WordNet


the point or degree to which something extends

the extent of the damage

the full extent of the law

to lớn a certain extent she was right

the distance or area or volume over which something extends

the vast extent of the desert

an orchard of considerable extent

Microsoft Computer Dictionary


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On a disk or other direct-access storage device, a continuous bloông chồng of storage space reserved by the operating system for a particular file or program.

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