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Học các từ bạn phải tiếp xúc một biện pháp tự tín.

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The government is forecasting a budget surplus this year (= all the money available to lớn be spent will not be spent).

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the amount of money that you have left when you sell more than you buy, or spkết thúc less than you receive:
As the economy slowed, companies that had invested surplus funds in the stoông xã market found their returns dwindling.
Under specific circumstances this organization allowed for a flexible and economically efficient allocation of lvà, promoting the growth of agrarian surpluses.
The system drifted from an initial phase of large surpluses to increasing deficits and ultimate crisis.
On the supply side, with low prices, producers bởi not receive sầu an adequate incentive sầu or generate surpluses to invest in production expansion.
On minor issues, such as the carrying forward of budget surpluses inkhổng lồ the following financial year, it strongly resisted departmental requests for greater flexibility.
In the objective (1), we assume that voters penalize the politicians for savings, that is, primary surpluses, exceeding the people"s willingness to lớn tư vấn retrenchment.
Economic surpluses are efficiently directed khổng lồ the geographic core from peripheral areas without the wastefulness of a cumbersome political superstructure.
The failure of monsoons could halternative text the growth of warehouse surpluses while the voracious appetite of an expanding field army increased demands upon them.
Most industrial countries had achieved sustained food surpluses by the second half of the twentieth century.
Since many rural households face constraints of all sorts when they turn to capital markets, they are often forced to lớn invest their own accumulated surpluses.
When rainfall events are positively correlated, surpluses & shortages occur at the same time in both regions.





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