Surface format optimization is one of eleven settings in the AMD Radeon software. These settings control how your graphical processing unit (GPU) or Clip thẻ behaves. They adjust how it responds lớn demands by games or other graphic-intensive applications.

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Đang xem: Surface format optimization là gì

For newer or top-of-the-line Clip cards, AMD surface format optimization is less important. For older or less expensive equipment, turning it on can improve performance. It helps keep games that strive for perfect images from slowing down the action.

What Is Surface Format Optimization?


What vày the other Radeon option settings do?

“Anti-aliasing” (AA) means “sampling” the image và smoothing jagged edges on its textures. Radeon offers three levels of sampling lớn pichồng how precisely to smooth edges. There are also three modes. You can tell it khổng lồ let the game choose the sampling màn chơi, and you can assist the game’s settings or override them.

Morphological filtering serves a similar purpose using a different process. (“Morphology” is the study of shapes.) It is a “Shader-based” process that also smooths edges. You can use it together with the AA options mentioned above sầu.

Anisotropic filtering sharpens textures at odd angles or that look farther away. Edges of roads or leafy trees, for example. Using this Radeon software option has to lớn override the settings of the game software.

“Shader caching” is for textures that repeatedly appear, lượt phù hợp a tank. It compiles them in advance & reuses them. It doesn’t generate them from scratch every time. (“Morphological filtering” uses this so that a texture will have smoother edges every time it appears.)

Tessellation mode adjusts the production of textures with regular repeating patterns. Briông xã walls or stone walls, where individual bricks or stones are visible, are one example. A lower tessellation factor means using fewer và larger polygons in the texture, while a higher factor means using many small polygons for more detail. You can reduce VRAM demvà và improve sầu FPS.

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Surface format optimization works within the GPU software along with these other options. By limiting demands for detail-related auxiliary buffering, the hardware does not slow down.

Limitations of Radeon Imaging Options

Games use different game công nghệ types, and some of these options vị not work with all games. OpenGL, Vulkan, và DirectX are some of the best-known gaming software technologies. Options such as “Wait for Vertical Refresh” or “Triple Buffering” only work with OpenGL.

How Do I Decide To Turn Surface Format Optimization On or Off?

AMD recommends leaving Radeon surface format optimization turned on all the time. It won’t hurt anything if you have sầu better hardware, & it can help a lot if you don’t. If you think you might want to turn it off sometimes, here’s what to lớn consider:

• Is your computer custom-built for gaming?• If not, vì you have sầu a lot of VRAM in the GPU(s)?• Do you prefer games with complex 3 chiều imagery?• Does the visual chất lượng matter more than fast action?

If most of these things are true, you can turn it off. It won’t make much difference in game tốc độ with modern GPUs and a fast CPU. It may decrease the image sharpness in more complex 3 chiều games. If the image chất lượng is why you bought the game, you don’t want that.

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• Do you have sầu a mass-produced name-brvà computer?• Is it a laptop or tablet?• Is it an older model?• Does the GPU “borrow” memory space from RAM?• Do your games tkết thúc to slow down more at some times than others?

Then you are the most likely to gain from keeping surface format optimization turned on.AMD gave sầu Radeon software surface format optimization for a reason. They also made it optional because not everyone needs or wants it. You can choose whether stunning imagery in your games or rapid motion & action is more fun.

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