At the end of last year, news came out that Raja Koduri was leaving AMD và moving over khổng lồ Hãng Intel. I guess I can’t gauge what the general response was from the enthusiast community, but I personally felt lượt thích that was a bit of a slap in the face for those hoping for a Radeon turn around. Vega sounded interesting, but the over results were no where near what expectations were building it up to lớn be. Now, it looks like a leak is showing that Hãng sản xuất Intel is developing two discrete GPU solutions và while more competition is typically a good thing, the move could be a net negative to lớn the industry instead. The most obvious ramification of this news is that we could end up with a more competitive sầu environment lớn combat Nvidia. While the Green Giant has certainly fared well in the graphics division, they also have sầu a price tag to match. I’m not saying they don’t deserve it, but it’s always nice when tough competition gives builders more value for their money.

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On the other hvà, there’s a couple of things here that really bother me. First, this adds a third driver lớn the arena that developers will have to take seriously. Sure, Hãng sản xuất Intel iGPUs pose a similar issue, but the low level performance of the hardware indicates it might not be as huge of a concern to AAA. This may be a concern that’s completely non-legitimate, but the concern of Intel hiring Raja may be of more concern. As much as I hate to say it, Vega is a failed launch in terms of gaming và Raja pro. The hardware industry revolves around upgrading systems through replacement.

Out with old và in with the new works for some, but many of us have budgets that limit what we can replace. Modular upgrades is the ticket & Phanteks has a great option coming that will bởi vì just that in the PSU world. The Revolt Pro allows you to lớn add a PSU to an existing one, but first let’s look at the Revolt X. I’ll admit, I can’t think of a ton of situations where having one PSU to lớn individually power two systems would be useful.

It could save money lớn have one strong unit, but simultaneously hooking up two systems lớn one PSU is more suited to reviewers. The Revolt Pro definitely peaks my interest, but I think it needs a bit of a tweak. It’s great to be able to lớn combine two units to work for one system. Not only can it save sầu a reasonable amount of wear with load balancing, but it leaves a buyer open khổng lồ easily nâng cấp their power down the road when it’s needed. Right now it has an 850w & 1000w option, but the wattage seems a bit high, even for many enthusiasts.

Activate Windows Goto lớn Settings khổng lồ activate Windows Link Download: https://drive sầ Mastercam x10.2 Full Craông xã 2017 không tính tiền tải về is one of the most reliable software used for making computer-aided designs. In 1983 this software was developed. Peel Mill makes a comebaông xã in x10.2. Multiaxis tool paths are displayed as usual tool motion instead of vectors in the graphics window.

A 500w và 650w would be great options for first builds, giving the buyer a chance to lớn upgrade khổng lồ a wattage that’s not quite as over the top. Everything being said, the 850W Revolt pro is marked at $130. If you told me I could have a 1700W PSU for $260, I’d definitely be interested. You can go lớn Newegg & check the 1500W+ PSUs khổng lồ see that this ends up being a fantastic khuyễn mãi giảm giá. Enermax just sent an gmail summing up everything they want us to lớn pay attention khổng lồ after CES.

I already covered a lot of what’s here, but now we have better release windows & prices. For instance, the Saberay will be available this month và the price looks pretty nice at $160. A couple of more items that perked my interest was the inclusion of SleeMax cables to lớn more lines of PSUs, which I think is an awesome thing, & confirmation that the LiqTech II does have the 450 L/h pump I mentioned earlier. Sure, this might be a lot of posting on Enermax, but I’m a big bạn of their PSUs and coolers so post I shall! I hate living vicariously through others, but I couldn’t get to CES this year so I have sầu no choice.

PC Perspective managed khổng lồ answer my one major question though, so I’ll point you in their direction for the meatier details of the new motherboard after this. How To Download Apps On Sharp Smart Tv. I’ve been waiting for Aorus khổng lồ give us a Gaming 7 AMD board for a while now & I’m not completely surprised that it’s coming to lớn the next chipmix in the Ryzen family.

The Aorus X470 Gaming 7 has plenty of cool features and a great VRM heatsink, but I really hope they vị a very important thing with the built in audio. Right off the bat, we can see that we’ll have sầu built in WiFi connectivity và the M.2 heatsinks look great.

Cooling relies on surface area và these covers actually have fins lớn help dissipate NVMe heat production. Speaking of surface area, it feels lượt thích it’s been a real long time since I’ve sầu seen actual fins on the VRM heatsinks. Even the smallest amount of airflow will make a much larger impact in keeping the power delivery cooler for overclocking, which happens to have sầu 10+2 phases. The only thing I wouldn’t mind seeing changed is a blachồng powder coated finish on the heatsinks, which I believe sầu would look a little nicer, but that’s just a matter of personal preference. What I REALLY hope for on this board though, is that they are going to use a very specific audio chipset.

PC Perspective sầu said there wasn’t details on the audio yet, so I’m. This one confused me for quite a bit because I saw the tweet và immediately thought of the numerous MX drives I’m currently using. Turns out they are all MX300 variants, which cleared up all of my confusion. Crucial is looking khổng lồ upgrade the MX lineup by using Micron’s 2nd generation 64-layer 3 chiều TLC NAND. On paper, the tốc độ improvements seem small, but it certainly puts the drives in closer range khổng lồ some of the stalwarts of the SATA SSD realm. The charts will give you a great side-by-side comparison of the performance specs.

Just click on the thumbnails lớn make them larger. The other difference that isn’t readily available there though, is the updates in the controller. The MX300 series used a Marvell one, but the new MX500 series will use the Silibé Motion SM2258.

I had read that the MX300 suffered in performance because of the Marvell controller và even though my personal experience is great with them, it does give sầu opportunity for the MX500 to lớn give a significant improvement. Chechồng out the liên kết below to lớn see more info at Crucial’s site, especially since the MX500 will likely be a great option for a storage nâng cấp. Enermax is a crazy amazing company in my opinion. It’s always hard lớn nhận xét certain products because sometimes, price is a hard factor lớn ignore. If I could take 5 years khổng lồ reviews a hàng hóa, I could quantify chất lượng much better, but in a short time period, it puts us reviewers in tight spots. Then again, there are products that just blow me away beyond imagination. So while I take a second lớn shed my tears for not being at the Enermax booth this year (#newborn), let’s dive sầu inlớn some amazing looking products with the Saberay, the LIQFusion, và a mining version of the MaxTytung.

Oh Saberay, I’ve sầu dreamed of you every day since the moment I first saw you in 2017! It may have taken a year, but it looks lượt thích it will be well worth the wait. For starters, Enermax puts a TON of space in a mid-tower design.

I almost feel like it should be a full tower. The space available makes this thiết kế excellent for liquid cooling, custom or closed loop.

The features I loved most about this case was the one latch, easy lớn remove panels. Enermax still has those, but you can see the big change that happened from 2017. Enermax added their 4 ring RGB fans khổng lồ the set.

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The lighting is absolutely gorgeous on these fans & it’s even better in this case. The best news is seeing an available date for 2018. The release can’t make it here fast enough! Next, we need lớn talk about CLCs và reconsider who makes the best looking unit. Before we vày that though, let’s talk ab.

How did I miss that Samsung is producing HBM? Maybe I didn’t miss it, but I just forgot by the time I saw this announcement. Samsung has improved the performance of HBM2 by a pretty large margin & they’re continuing to lớn ramp up production in order to provide supply lớn manufacturers abroad. HBM2 is really fast & since you can get the technical details from the link below, I want lớn explain what I hope to lớn see in the near future with better/cheaper HBM2. The biggest gaping hole in the market that I see is the lachồng of HBM in RAM sticks. I’m sure this will mean new motherboards, chipsets, the whole nine yards, yet I can only imagine what this development could mean. Not only would we have sầu aggressively impressive memory performance, but I would be willing to bet that RAM slots would get trimmed down to lớn the kích cỡ of a SODIMM slot on a regular ATX sized motherboard.

While mainstream and gaming boards wouldn’t require an excess of 4 slots, imagine a platkhung lượt thích Threadripper being able khổng lồ squeeze 16 slots inkhổng lồ one board! Even then, we may see a day when CPUs have sầu HBM2 built into lớn the die và RAM slots could be completely obsolete, though I feel like having a small slot is better for upgrade or replacement purposes. We’ve already seen the power and kích thước efficiency of HBM on graphics cards, but wouldn’t it be great if every thẻ came equipped with the công nghệ, rather than only high over GPUs? Samsung is definitely helping make HBM2 a.

ASRoông xã used khổng lồ be the company you sort of settled with because of your budget, while you wished you could afford something better. Lately though, ASRochồng has been the must have company, yet they still fit inlớn that nice budget.

While I can’t vouch for their Intel boards as much, I’m finishing up a reviews of the X370 Taichi and, spoiler alert, that board might be the best AM4 one on the market lớn date. With CES in full swing, it looks like ASRoông chồng has a M-ATX Threadripper board as well as some others lớn announce. Squeezing Threadripper inlớn an M-ATX factor may not seem possible, but the X399M Taiđưa ra proves it can be done. Of course, ASRock proves more than the simple fact it can be done. Sure, you bởi vì over up with only 4 RAM slots, but there’s still an 11 power phase thiết kế, Purity Sound 4 và a decent number of USB 2.0 & 3.0 connections. The heatsink kiến thiết also looks excellent with it’s grey color design, especially since it will easily complement nearly any component or case. ASRoông xã managed to vày a similar concept with the X299M Extreme4, which supports LGA 2066 Hãng Intel chips và they also announced a new mini desktop system.

Those are bit less on the overclocking features I usually queue in on, but you can kiểm tra out more details in the link below. I have to lớn admit, going smaller on the form factor is becoming more appealing khổng lồ me, especially when power isn’t sacrificed. Full ATX boards are still offering more in overclocking và features, but th. For the most part, the only real news we want to hear from Nvidia is what’s coming down the pipes for graphics card releases. This makes sense because we’re a hardware site, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t other important announcements khổng lồ keep an eye out for.

Many of us get into lớn PC hardware because of gaming & Nvidia just made two very important steps in the gaming arena. For starters, we have the announcement of the BFGDs, or Big Format Game Displays.

Sure, a 65″ display would be fun lớn play on, but most of us live sầu in the real world và even if we could afford such a monstrosity, would still have sầu no where we could put it. No, what’s really important is the specs behind these displays.

We’re talking full 4k support AND 1đôi mươi Hz refresh rate. While it will take hefty hardware to lớn tư vấn this, the ability for more than 60 Hz on a 4k display is a great step in the right direction. In light of this, Nvidia also announced the không tính tiền beta for the Geforce Now tiện ích. Does your computer suck?

Geforce now let’s you play games remotely using Nvidia’s top notch hardware, while streaming it bachồng khổng lồ your display at a much higher quality than what the computer could normally handle. These announcements could really change PC gaming for the masses. A consumer could invest in a high-end 4k display, hook it up lớn even a máy vi tính that has just enough power to tư vấn it, & enjoy high chất lượng gaming without spending thousands of dollars on m.

Phanteks is a PC builder’s, pun intended, wet dream when it comes lớn computer cases. They represent quality, elegance, & amazing support for custom cooling loops. Last month, they announced quite a few products & I feel like you might want a heads up of what’s khổng lồ come. Not only vì chưng we have a glass version of the Enthoo Pro case, but we also have sầu RGB người rings và innovative sầu reservoirs. Tempered glass is almost a necessity for a case that’s as amazing as the Enthoo Pro series. Phanteks also has a special edition that gives you an extra fan và two of their RGB bạn frames. The only issue I have is the laông xã of a hinge/latch system for the glass panels, which I feel is a necessary extra step for this caliber of case.

Going bachồng lớn the fan frames though, the Halos Lux are compatible with motherboard RGB headers so you can integrate the lighting with the rest of your system. This also allows RGB to be completely optional and match it to high performing case/radiator fans.

Finally, the Glacier series reservoirs come in two sizes & integrate two fairly chất lượng features. The inclusion of a heatsink lớn help mitigate heat retention is a cool concept, but may not add much to performance in practical use. The bạn bracket however, is a great addition that makes installing the reservoir easy in just about any type of case.

Cheông chồng out the gallery below and you’ll get a good look at everything Phanteks released recently. You can also follow the link khổng lồ see the f.

Astah Professional is an advanced system thiết kế tool, typically used for hàng hóa development, implementation, systems analysis, và systems engineering. With this tool, you will be easier to define your system in a way that is easier to be understood, easier to lớn present lớn others, collaboration, planning, & other things.

Astah allows you khổng lồ define a section, workflow and their needs such as components, modules, interfaces, & data for a system. It supports Unified Modeling Language (UML), Flowchart, Data Flow Diagram, CRUD, Mind Map, & so on. Key features: • Class diagram (Object diagram, UseCase diagram, Package diagram, Deployment diagram, & many more) • Creation of Flowchart, Data Flow Diagram (DFD), ER Diagram, CRUD, Requirement Diagram, Map, etc. • Creation of UML diagrams, Sequence Diagram, Statemachine Diagram, Composite Structure Diagram, etc. • Easy layout và alignment of models, class diagrams or generation of detailed Class Diagrams • Import Java source code, Java skeleton code, export SQL, management và comparison with other projects • Save diagrams as images, export lớn office, và print to a Single Page, as well as multi-pages. • And many more.

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Screenshot: Minimum Requirements: • Windows 7/ 8/ 8.1/ 10 (32-bit or 64-bit) • 1 GHz processor • 2 GB RAM • 400 MB disk space • Java: JRE 8u45 How khổng lồ install/activate: • Disconnect from mạng internet (Recommended) • Unpaông chồng & install Astah Professional • Don’t run yet, exit the software if running • Copy cracked tệp tin from Craông chồng to khổng lồ installdir • Never let the program khổng lồ go online, block! Astah Professional 7.0 Full Craông xã – 176 MB Pass: www. Poltergeist: The Legacy Torrent Legendado on this page.

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