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a regular meeting of important or influential people, esp. of writers or artists at the house of someone famous:
The public sphere also included institutions such as coffeehouses, salons, museums và, in the case of music, the public concert hall & opera house.
Outside the two bodies of the guild and the federation are the commercial schools, which are often part of a chain of hairdressing salons.
After all, we have not passed the stage when the collection of information in salons and other places abroad can be neglected even by the most democratic diplomatists.
They can be purchased by hair or beauty salons and used by their employees, who have no medical qualification to enable them to ensure that they are used properly.
The house also has a huge two story living room paneled entirely in hand carved wood, was a natural setting for salons.
Dining opportunities, life enrichment programs, salons, house & lawn maintenance, as well as scheduled transportation also are offered.
She began expanding her international operations in 1915, & started opening salons across the world.
Photographers were not considered real artists, even though many photographers had won awards in international salons.
She was subsequently charged with second degree child endangerment as well as banned from over 60 tanning salons in the tri-state area.
The bourgeoisie are pitted against the small aristocracy of the city, and peoples attachment to lớn "salons" is crucial khổng lồ the story.
In addition to lớn nail services, these one-stop nail salons offer facial treatments, waxing, và skin care.
Many of its premises are open lớn the public; including restaurants, hair, beauty and complementary therapies salons and entertainment venues.

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The theory itself, meanwhile, has been criticised for a fatal misunderstanding of the nature of salons.
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