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Welcome lớn Replay Video Capture, the faschạy thử high-tốc độ on-screen đoạn Clip recorder ever made. With Replay Video Capture, you can turn anything you see on your PC"s screen inkhổng lồ a high quality Clip file you can play anywhere.


Replay Video Capture is especially well suited for recording:

Copy Protected Video DVD"sStreaming Web CamsWebinarsScreen Capture Videos And any other đoạn phim you can"t capture.

High Quality Recordings

Capturing and compressing on-screen Clip in real time can require a lot of your PC"s CPU power. Replay Video Capture is specially designed for this task, as it uses special high chất lượng MPEG-2 codecs that give perfect looking recordings of videos without freezing up your PC.


To make it easy to lớn capture a portion of your screen, Replay Video Capture can often automatically locate the region of your screen where Clip will be played. Or, you can choose to mark an area of the screen manually by moving markers yourself. Either way, setting up your recording area is a snap.

System Requirements

Windows XP-SP2, 2000, or Vista (Mac OK with Bootcamp or Parallels installed) CPU Speed: 1.5 GHz minimum (dual core recommended) RAM memory: 512 MB or higher Recommended: Sound Card with a recording line (Stereo Mix, Master Volume, Wave sầu Out Mix, What U Hear or similar)

New with Version 5

DVD ready videos: You can now record videos straight lớn DVD format, ready lớn be burned on disc. This eliminates hours of conversion or transcoding. Scheduled recordings: Video recordings can now be started automatically at specified times & days. Dual audio recording: Two audio sources can be simultaneously recorded. For example, you can now record your voice over a video with audio traông chồng. Dual monitor support: You can use a second monitor lớn play/record videos while using the first monitor to lớn vị other things.

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Improved video clip quality: The new Enhanced mode allows video frames rates up khổng lồ 50 frames per second. This is particularly important when recording in DVD format.More đoạn Clip codecs & video clip formats: MPEG-4 và DVD codecs can now be used as default đoạn phim formats along with MPEG-2 and Windows Media. Replay Video can also use other đoạn Clip codecs already installed in your computer (ffdshow, DivX, Xvid, h264, FLV) and save these files as an AVI.Pause is now available for all Clip formats.File sizes larger than 4 GB are displayed correctlyReplay Video Capture can be used on non-administrative sầu accounts.

How to Set up Replay Video Capture on Win XPhường

The first time you run Replay Video Capture on a Windows XP. machine, you"ll need khổng lồ make sure you can record audio & đoạn Clip properly. For Windows Vista và Windows 7, this is done automatically.

To start, you"ll be asked how audio is khổng lồ be recorded like this:


Next, you"ll see the Audio test screen:


Replay Video Capture will make it"s best guess as to what the audio settings should be, but you can override them if you lượt thích. Once the Audio SourceInput are selected, clichồng Test lớn ensure you can record audio. After a few seconds, if the kiểm tra is successful, cliông xã OK to save sầu the audio settings.

The Settings dialog will appear next. Cliông chồng the Recommended Settings button lớn piông xã a configuration that most resembles your system & recording needs:

To make subsequent changes, just click the Settings button. The Settings dialog appears as shown:

How khổng lồ Record Your First Video

Once the audio & video clip parameters are mix, you can focus on recording videos. First, you need lớn mark a region of the screen khổng lồ record as a Clip, & then you can start, stop or pause recording.

Important Note: In almost every situation, you don"t need to lớn record the entire screen to lớn get the best video clip unique. Most đoạn phim sources broadcast at no more than 640x480 pixels, và then up-scale the đoạn phim lớn fit a full screen. This means that you can record at 100% (rather than 200% or full-screen), & get great unique. Plus, recording from a smaller Clip rectangle ensures that Replay Video Capture uses less CPU power, and this makes smaller files and greatly reduces the chances of dropped frames and choppy recordings.

Marking a Recording Region

Using Get Window

The easiest way to lớn mark a region is to use the Get Window function. Here"s how:

Click Get Window.Move sầu the mouse over the window you"d lượt thích to lớn record from. As you move sầu the mouse, the recording window will be highlighted. Once your window is highlighted, clichồng the mouse, and the region is set. It"s that easy!

You can often find a Windows Media Player video window this way, or even locate an application window lớn record thử nghiệm videos from. You can also drag the markers lớn adjust the recording region. Click Home on the Replay Video Capture main window to remove sầu the marker display.

Manually Marking a Region

You can also manually drag the markers from Replay Video Capture to the upper left and lower right parts of the recording region. This may be necessary if Replay Video Capture can"t locate the video clip window, or if you"d lượt thích khổng lồ record a region not defined by a window.

To manually mark a region:

Cliông xã Show Markers. The current position of the markers appears. Go lớn the upper-left marker, và drag it with the mouse lớn the new top-left corner.Repeat with the lower-right marker.


Once you"ve marked an area khổng lồ capture, it"s easy khổng lồ record from it. Here"s how:

Starting Recording

To start a recording, press the Record button. In a moment, the region you selected will be recorded as a đoạn Clip. As you"re recording, the Record button turns inlớn a Stop button, và Play becomes Pause.


Hint: You can also start recording by using the keyboard. Press Ctrl+F12 khổng lồ start & stop recording when Replay Video Capture is open.

Pause & Continue

If you"d lượt thích to pause recording, cliông xã the Pause button. Click Restart to resume recording.

Stop Recording

Click Stop lớn end the recording. Your recorded file is saved.

How to Take a Frame Snapshot

Replay Video Capture 5 lets you take a photo lớn of any frame of your đoạn Clip as it plays. This also works with capturing a part of your screen. here"s how lớn vì it:

Mark the area you want to lớn capture. Cliông xã the Still button. Your phokhổng lồ is saved as a BMP image tệp tin, & opens in your mặc định editor for these files.

How khổng lồ Record DVD"s

Recording from DVD"s is easy using Replay Video Capture. Here"s how to lớn vì it:

Insert the DVD into lớn your PC, and play it using Windows Media Player.Once the DVD starts playing, resize the Windows Media Player window lớn approximately 1/4 of your screen. The size of the video window should be as cchiến bại to lớn 640x480 as possible.Cliông chồng Get Window in Replay Video Capture, và move the marker over the video clip window in Windows Media Player. Once the đoạn Clip window is highlighted, clichồng the mouse. This sets the recording region.Cliông chồng Record, and play your Clip.Cliông chồng Stop when finished.

Hints on how to lớn record high chất lượng DVD videos:Youneed tomake sure that your computer can sustain a recording frame rate of at least 29.97 for NTSC, 25 fps for PAL.XP dual core computers with CPU tốc độ of 2.0 GHz or higher can easily bởi vì this. On Vista và Windows 7 you may have khổng lồ mix Windowsto "Best Performance" mode instead of "Best Appearance" as shown under Video Capture Options.To check if the DVD frame rate can be sustained, make a shorttwo minute recording, use DVD Clip format, 6000 kbps, 29.97 fps, 720x480 kích cỡ.When recordingReplay Video shows theactual achieved frame rate next lớn the premix rate in the Status window (for example 29/27 or 29/31- the first number is the preset rate 29.97 the second is the actual achieved frame rate). Make sure the actual frame rate does not go muchlower. If this happens consistently you can still record DVD"s but the videoquality may not be as good especially for high motion scenes.Therecorded DVDfile needs lớn be "authored". The authoring creates the DVD folders VIDEO_TS/ AUDIO_TS & usually takes a few seconds khổng lồ a few minutes. Itcan be done automatically when recording is finished. The DVDfolderscan be burned as Data Discusing any DVD burner software (a two hour movie takes about15 minutes lớn burn.)The recorded DVD does not have a menu so it begins playing when inserted inkhổng lồ the DVD player.TheDVD video haschapters setevery 10 minutes such that the DVD can be quickly scanned in 10 minutes increments.To maintain areasonable frame rate of at least 20 fps even on slower computers, please make sure:

The recording đoạn phim sizemust besmaller than 1/4 of your screen. Do not use the Full Screen videos, always try khổng lồ make the Clip window smaller. If the Clip plays in a web page, use the Zoom function of the browser to make the web page & the video smaller.

Playing your Recorded Videos

Once you"ve finished recording, you can see your last recorded đoạn phim by clicking Play.

To see all your recordings, cliông chồng the View button. The View screen appears:


Double click a tệp tin khổng lồ play it, or select và right-cliông chồng to lớn play, rename or delete a recording.

Cliông xã the Open đầu ra Folder menu option lớn open a tệp tin explorer window for your recorded Clip files.

Note: On some systems, you may need to lớn install ffdshow lớn play MPEG-2 files recorded by Replay Video Capture.

How to lớn Schedule a Recording

You can make Replay Video Capture open a program or a website page, & start recording automatically at a premix time or according lớn a schedule. Here"s how to bởi vì it:

Clichồng Settings, then Scheduler from the top menu, then mở cửa Now. The Scheduler appears:
Within the scheduler are these options:File Name: What name to lớn use when saving the file.URL / File Path: What URL to lớn open if recording a đoạn phim from the web. Program Name: What EXE file lớn open if recording from a Windows application.Window Position: The coordinates of the window khổng lồ record from (top, left, bottom, right).Start Time: What time of day to lớn start recording.Duration: How many hours:minutes:seconds khổng lồ record. Date: Pichồng the starting date to lớn record from.

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Repeat: Pichồng the days of the week to lớn record regularly broadcast programs. Select Once if you will be recording just once. Pick Daily if you will be recording seven days a week.The Scheduler also has these action buttons:Enable: Start running the scheduler so that scheduled items are recorded.Disable: Stop recording scheduled items.Save Schedule: Save your scheduled cống phẩm.View: View all scheduled items.Test URL: xuất hiện the URL to make sure the program to record you want appears. Schedule Now: Insert the current time and date inlớn the schedule parameters

Adjusting the Volume

After doing your first recording, play it baông xã once và kiểm tra the volume màn chơi. If it is too loud or too soft, you can use the Volume slider on the main screen to lớn increase or decrease the recorded volume.

Settings Guide

This section is a reference for the Settings dialog:

Recommended Settings: Use this button khổng lồ automatically configure the Audio Settings & Video Settings for the tốc độ of your PC and desired output quality.

Audio Settings: Set the Audio Bit rate as the quality for recorded audio. In general, 64 Kbps is fine for most recording, but higher bit rates are better, especially when music is involved. Clichồng Audio Setup / Test to lớn locate or manually set the best audio recording inputs on your PC.

Video Settings: Choose the Video Bit Rate, Frames per second, & Video Format (MPEG-2 or Windows Media). The Recommended Settings button will vày this for you, but you can manually adjust these parameters here if you lượt thích.

Disable Video Acceleration: Use this option if you record Windows Media Player or Real Player windows on Windows XPhường or lower versions. Otherwise keep this option unchecked.

Recording Options:

Record Audio: Turn on or off audio recording. This is useful for making "silent movies".Record Video: Turn this option off if you want lớn make Replay Video Capture into lớn an audio-only recorder.

Using the Set Top Window Feature: Replay Video Capture records exactly what it can see on your screen. When enabled, the Set Top Window option will allow you to lớn keep the đoạn Clip window you are recording always in the forefront. Any window that appears while you are recording will pass behind the active sầu recording window. There are some requirements for this feature lớn work well:

Small video windows or pop-out đoạn phim windows work best. Keep the window that you are recording sized khổng lồ about 1/4 of the desktop area or less.This feature requires at least a dual core processor.Audio Compression: Turn this on to make smaller recorded files. However, enabling this option requires more CPU power, và may affect the unique of your Clip if your PC isn"t fast enough khổng lồ handle this. Keep Replay Video Capture on Top: Ensures the Replay Video Capture window is never hidden by other programs.

Recording File Size / Time: This lets you limit the recording time or tệp tin size for each recording. If both values are set, then whichever limit is reached first will cause recording to lớn stop automatically.


Hide Replay Video Capture when recording: Makes the Replay Video Capture window disappear when recording starts. This is useful for recording full-screen đoạn Clip for example. Enable Universal Audio Driver: On some systems, there may not be a usable recording input available. The Universal Audio Driver allows you khổng lồ record audio on virtually ANY system. You should select this if the Audio Test fails lớn locate any available recording đầu vào.Set đầu ra Folder: Choose the thư mục on your PC where recorded files are to be saved. Enter/Cheông xã registration: Use this option to lớn enter a registration code, or kiểm tra your current registration information. Cheông chồng for New Version: See if an update lớn Replay Video Capture is available. Recording File Name Prefix: Assigns a prefix for saved tệp tin names. For example, if this is phối to lớn "My Video", then files are saved as "My Video1.wmv", "My Video2.wmv", etc.


I can"t play MPEG-2 files created by Replay Video Capture

You may need to lớn install something called ffdshow to play these. Ffdshow contains a MPEG-2 decoder. You can install ffdshow from here.

Video quality is choppy

To get the best chất lượng đoạn phim - especially on slower machines - try the following:

Go to lớn Settings, & make sure you are using the MPEG-2 đoạn phim format. You can also try one of the Recommended Settings options for slower PC"s.Try recording from a smaller đoạn phim window by resizing your player to 1/4 of your screen, or no more than 480x640 pixels. This won"t affect the video clip unique (since video is scaled UPhường from smaller sizes to lớn fit a full-screen picture). This will require less computer power lớn capture, which will make for smoother videos.

I"m having trouble recording audio & receive an error. This fix applies lớn those running Windows Vista Only. Use this fix if you receive one of these error messages:

WithWindows Mediaselected the error message is - Error: "Cannot connect SndCap lớn ASF Encoder"With MPEG 2 selected the error message is - Error: "Cannot connect audio khổng lồ encoder"

Close Replay Video CaptureRight-Cliông xã the speaker inhỏ in the Windows Task Bar và choose Playback Devices.Cliông chồng the Speakers button.Cliông chồng Properties then Advanced. xuất hiện the drop-down danh sách & select either 16 bit 44100 Hz or 16 bit 48000 Hz option.Click OK.Clichồng Configure. Under Audio Channels select stereo.Click Next khổng lồ exit.

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I"m having trouble recording audio.

On some PC"s, only the Universal Audio Driver will work. Go khổng lồ Settings, Audio Setup/Test, & select the Universal Audio Driver. Use the Universal Audio Driver only if the Test option fails to lớn locate a working audio recording line.

The Universal Audio Driver Option isn"t working for me

To use the Universal Audio Driver, in some cases you may need khổng lồ open Replay Video Capture before opening your browser or video playbachồng application.

The Video Window is all black when playing bachồng the recording

If this occurs, you will need lớn disable "hardware acceleration" on your PC. Here"s how lớn bởi vì it:

Right clichồng on your Windows desktop. Select Properties in the pop-up menu. In the Display Property window cliông xã Settings, Advanced, Troubleshoot. Move sầu the Hardware Acceleration slider to NONE. Cliông xã Apply. Cliông chồng OK in the message box displayed by the Clip thẻ. Clichồng OK to exit
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