to use physical pressure or force, especially with your hands, in order to lớn move something into lớn a different position, usually one that is further away from you:

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to lớn move forcefully, especially in order to cause someone or something that is in your way to move, so that you can go through or past them:
This film is unlikely lớn attract large audiences unless it gets/it is given a big push in the truyền thông.

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push sb for sth If we want an answer from them by Friday, I think we"re going lớn have to lớn push them for it.
an effort to make something more successful, for example by advertising it a lot or giving it extra money:
However, it is hard khổng lồ push the analysis of the random process lớn the very over using differential equations.
However, these new workers in the thành phố demvà the agricultural good, pushing the price higher, và reducing the real wage further.
When she described being removed from a train by the police & pushed khổng lồ the floor, one could sense the intensity of the personal insult.
When they push a case continuation framework, they save sầu in the staông xã the không lấy phí variables needed by the continuation expression.
The effect of downregulating the signalling pathways is to lớn push deterioration back in time, not to lớn prsự kiện it.
The clinicians" difficulties are further compounded by the older adult often having internalised the truyền thông version, so pushing down and distorting their own experiences.
On financial services, the policy initiative was in the hands of the corporate lobbyists who pushed for a project which was eventually implemented.
One disadvantage of this method is that the outputs are then pushed toward final states, which creates a long delay in emission.
Or does the radicle elongate lớn the extent of pushing against the endosperm before endosperm degradation begins?
Near the downstream boundaries of large structures, parts of small structures are pushed downwards towards the centreline of the wake (figure 14b).
Merchant-dominated organizations (like the municipality) were likewise pushed aside, either through ruling-family appointments lớn their leadership or outright sequestration.
The push-pull model of relocation decisions suggests that an older person exercises choice amuốn various options.
However, the "land khổng lồ the tiller" script was still powerful enough to dissuade the parties from pushing through the change fearing a political backlash.
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Các tự thường xuyên được sử dụng cùng với push.

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The extra push would change the impact on the one so that both person and trolley remain stationary.
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