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productive sầu farmland/sector/economy The only remaining option is to switch underemployed workers from agriculture khổng lồ more productive sầu sectors.

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productive sầu worker/employee/citizen The idea was to lớn reward France"s highly productive workers with shorter working hours.

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a productive sầu meeting/conversation/discussion You can"t have a productive sầu discussion if people aren"t listening lớn each other.
Only very recently has legislation on l& taxes been changed khổng lồ legally recognize standing forest as productive use.
The main lesson we have drawn from our studies is that efforts to lớn contain growth may be counter-productive, even from a narrow environmental perspective sầu.
By transferring control of the productive resource khổng lồ the host country, the agent will have stronger economic incentives not lớn misrepresent its private information.
If the sustainable catch is fixed, improved technical efficiency is a benefit only if resources are freed from the catching sector for productive use elsewhere.
Facing the l& constraint, decision makers have khổng lồ make careful land-use choices between alternative productive activities, including both agricultural (pasture, forestry, etc.) và non-agricultural activities.
The productive contribution to lớn the well-being of others is not a fact that makes essential reference lớn institutions.
However, it would be insufficient khổng lồ understand more complex decision situations of productive behavior, collective sầu bargaining, political actions, or consumers" learning (125).





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