If something is pre-emptive sầu, it is done before other people can act, especially lớn prsự kiện them from doing something else:

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pre-emptive sầu action/measure/move sầu The Treasury decided to lớn raise interest rates as a pre-emptive measure against inflation.
Thus, he pays particular attention to lớn the role of national governments in reform, và sets out the broad contours of pre-emptive national & regional strategies.
We can conclude that the insidious and purposeful attacks were prompted by what psychologists Call pre-emptive contempt.
Standard on-far m trials are effective in evaluating "planned" or pre-emptive strategies (seed dressing, resistant varieties), provided that the pest is actually present.
One might term these initial correct responses pre-emptive, since the provision of negative evidence is blocked.
This pre-emptive strategy succeeded in the sense that the issue disappeared from the political agenda.
The country"s leaders viewed this as a pre-emptive move lớn counter any threats khổng lồ the " national unity " brought about during the long years of struggle.
Print conglomerates, for example, may offer some news publications as pre-emptive measures that make it less profitable for other companies khổng lồ enter the market.

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This selection bias occurred despite pre-emptive attempts to lớn reduce it by undertaking interviews both in the daytime & the evening.
These pre-emptive stages substantially và profoundly inkhung a film composer about the film score before it is written.
It therefore became possible for hlặng lớn approve both the pre-emptive attaông xã and the defence against it as just causes.
Strong labour potential alone could not explain why the late-authoritarian regimes chose pre-emptive accommodation in response lớn disnội dung arising from the worsening of income ineunique.




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