VeraCrypt và TrueCrypt continue lớn be two of the most complex types of encryption khổng lồ bypass. Both tools provide an option to use keyfiles for encrypting volumes. The nội dung of the keytệp tin (or multiple keyfiles) is combined with the password, and the volume can be decrypted by using both protectors only, making it even more challenging lớn acquire the data.

Bạn đang xem: Passware kit forensic Kit Forensic 2020 v3 is the first commercial software that alokapidakaldim.coms TrueCrypt and VeraCrypt containers protected with keyfiles, thus providing access lớn encrypted evidence that was previously unavailable for forensic examiners.

New in Kit 20trăng tròn v3: for TrueCrypt/VeraCrypt containers protected with keyfiles;Password recovery for additional cryplớn wallets;Instant decryption of Bitlocker disks with a known Recovery Key;Instant recovery of trang web passwords from Opera, Chrome, and Edge browsers;Instant recovery of Outlook 2016/2019 tin nhắn passwords;Decryptum performance improvements for TrueCrypt & Zip;Automatic updates of Kit Agents for Linux;Batch mode improvements.

What’s New


* for TrueCrypt/VeraCrypt containers protected with keyfiles Kit Forensic recovers passwords for TrueCrypt và VeraCrypt containers & volumes protected by using keyfiles. At the password recovery cài đặt, Kit allows a user khổng lồ specify one or more keyfiles lớn check in combination with the passwords.

As a result, Kit displays the recovered password, which can be used to mount the volume using the specified keyfiles. Besides the password, the software also displays the TrueCrypt encryption & hash algorithms used lớn protect the volume.


Password recovery for additional crypto wallets

In addition to Bitcoin wallets as announced previously, Kit recovers passwords for Dash Vi xử lý Core, Dogecoin, and Litecoin cryplớn wallets. Password recovery can be accelerated with GPU và distributed computing.


Instant recovery of trang web passwords from the lachạy thử Opera, Chrome, and Edge browsers Kit now instantly recovers passwords for websites & forms stored in the lachạy thử Chromium-based browsers: Opera, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge.

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Instant recovery of Outlook 2016/2019 tin nhắn passwords Kit instantly recovers passwords for MS Outlook năm nhâm thìn và 2019 versions, both for data files (PST) & email accounts.

Available in Kit Kit Kit Standard Kit Standard

Instant decryption of Bitlocker disks with a known Recovery Key

In case a BitLocker Recovery Key is known, a user can now apply it to lớn decrypt the volume instantly. The software then saves the decrypted image.

Decryptum performance improvements for TrueCrypt and Zip

Decryptum Dquảng cáo 2080TI-S/12 4U now recovers passwords for TrueCrypt system partitions up to lớn 95% faster, reaching the speed of over 15,680,000 passwords per second.

Password recovery for Zip AES is now 25% faster.

Automatic updates of Kit Agents for Linux Kit checks the versions of Agents installed on the local network and updates them if necessary.

The new version of Kit alokapidakaldim.coms automatic updates of Kit Agents for Linux.

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Batch mode improvements Kit Forensic now allows users to lớn apply different password recovery settings khổng lồ the same tệp tin by including the file in multiple batch recovery groups.

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