The purpose of this Quiông xã Start is lớn show you how to use the Video Cloud sầu module và xuất hiện Broadcaster Software (OBS) to broadcast a sầu event.

To learn about all of the features và functionality available in the module, see Creating and Managing sầu Events using the Module. For a series of best practices và recommendations to lớn help ensure a high chất lượng, stable streaming experience, see Module Guidelines và Best Practices. For a danh mục of all the options available from Brightcove for dealokapidakaldim.comring sầu streaming video, see Dealokapidakaldim.comring Streams.

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Notes: streaming tư vấn is available only for Video Cloud Enterprise publishers.

After completing this Quiông chồng Start, you should be able to:

Use the Video Cloud module to lớn create a sự kiện Configure your encoder for a event Trim your sự kiện và save sầu it as a VOD asphối in your Video Cloud trương mục

This Quiông xã Start will help you broadcast a sầu event khổng lồ different devices using mở cửa Broadcaster Software (OBS) Studio. OBS is open source software for video clip recording and sầu streaming and can be downloaded here. Other encoders can also be used with the sầu module.


Any Video Cloud publisher who needs khổng lồ broadcast a streaming event using the Video Cloud sầu module.


A Video Cloud Enterprise tài khoản with access lớn the module A camera to broadcast the sự kiện


Your encoder must output an RTMPhường or SRT stream sầu broadcasts will experience a 20-30 second delay Streaming must begin within 30 minutes of the event start (default-level trương mục setting)

Steps to lớn broadcast a sầu event

To stream your sầu event using the sầu module, you will complete the following tasks:

Creating a new sầu event

Enter your Video Cloud login credentials & click Sign In.

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The current Video Cloud tài khoản name will appear in the upper right corner of the page. If you have sầu multiple accounts, click the account selector drop down và select the account you would like to lớn save the asset in. If you select an account that has not been enabled for, the sầu module will open in trial mode.
Cliông chồng in the navigation header. Clichồng the Create Event button khổng lồ create a new sự kiện. Enter an Event Name. Enter some Tags for the event. If your account has been configured with required custom fields, make sure the custom fields are assigned values. Select a Ingest Profile from the dropdown danh mục. The ingest profile controls the number và chất lượng of sầu renditions that are created. Select Convert event khổng lồ đoạn phim asset when complete. This will save sầu the event as a đoạn Clip in the Media module.
Select the Region closest to lớn your location. Cliông chồng the ADVANCED OPTIONS liên kết to expvà the advanced options. Set the Reconnect Time khổng lồ 10 minutes (default).
OBS Encoder alokapidakaldim.coms the SRT protocol, & you can select this option in the Input Format section of the Advanced Options menu. Clichồng Start Streaming. The sầu module will return a Stream Endpoint (RTMP.. URL) & Stream Name. These values will be used in the encoder settings. If your selected the SRT protocol for the sầu sự kiện, this will be available in OBS by choosing "Custom" under Stream settings Service, then entering your srt:// path into lớn the Server box.

Configuring your encoder

In this section, we will configure and use the OBS Studio encoder to lớn tư vấn a streaming event. OBS Studio software is a desktop application that captures input đầu vào from your camera and produces a stream that can be dealokapidakaldim.comred by a CDN. lưu ý that there are hardware và other software based encoding solutions available that may be better suited for dealokapidakaldim.comring your sầu streaming event. You can tải về the OBS Studio software here.

Notes: You should have the OBS software installed & a camera connected to your computer before proceeding This example uses a DSLR connected to lớn a máy vi tính using the Blackmagic Design UltraStudio Mini Recorder. xuất hiện OBS Studio. In the Sources section, cliông chồng + lớn add a new source. Select a Source from the menu. This Quichồng Start is using a DSLR connected to a máy vi tính using the Blackmagic Design UltraStudio Mini Recorder, so Blackmagic Device is selected.
Enter a name for the new source and clichồng OK.
Select your camera from the Device menu. A pReview should appear in the properties dialog. Cliông xã OK.
In the Controls section, clichồng Settings.
Cliông xã Stream in the left side of the Settings dialog. For the Stream Type select Custom Streaming Server. For the URL, use the Stream URL provided by the module. For the Stream key, use Click OK to lớn save sầu the settings. In the Controls section, click Start Streaming. The sầu stream should begin.
Note: It will take about a minute khổng lồ process your streams.

Publishing the event

To generate the embed code for the sự kiện, follow these steps:

Return khổng lồ the sầu module. If the Control Room page for the event is not displayed, cliông xã the tab lớn display a menu of sầu events. Click on the event name khổng lồ open the Control Room page. Confirm that you can see the stream. cảnh báo that after starting the encoder, it may take a minute for the stream to appear.
Cliông xã Publish và Embed. Select a Player & then cliông chồng the Player URL khổng lồ view the sầu stream.
When you are done with the sầu stream, clichồng the Stop Stream button in the module. Also, return khổng lồ OBS Studio và cliông xã the stream button khổng lồ stop the encoder from streaming. Note: It is important to make sure you close/stop your encoder when the sầu stream is complete. Leaving a connection open between any encoder & Brightcove, even when no data is being sent, may result in unexpected connection charges.

Creating a clip

The module provides the ability to create đoạn Clip clips from completed events. Clips can also be created while a event is in progress. There are several reasons you might want lớn create a clip:

To create a short, teaser clip that can be posted to lớn social media To limit the length of a Clip that you want lớn post (most platforms limit the length of videos) You have sầu found that shorter videos persize better on social truyền thông media

Clips can only be created within 7 days of the event kết thúc. Afterwards, the Create Clip button will be disabled. If the event is longer than 24 hours, only the last 24 hours are clippable.

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Note: For complete details on using the clipping interface, see Creating a Video đoạn Clip Using the Module.

To create a clip, follow these steps:

Return to the module. Clichồng the Completed tab. Locate the event & cliông xã the sự kiện name khổng lồ open the Control Room. Click Create Clip. The clipping editor will open. Click và drag the clipping handles (
)on the focus timeline lớn mix the start and over points for the clip.
Cliông xã Previews Clip to pReview the clip. The start & kết thúc points can be adjusted as needed. Cliông chồng Save Clip. Enter a đoạn Clip Name & other metadata values. Any required fields for the tài khoản will also appear & should be assigned values.
Click Create Clip. The ingestion process will begin & the clip will be saved to your Video Cloud trương mục. Clichồng the Bachồng khổng lồ Control Room: Completed breadcrumb. All clips will also appear in the Control Room for the sự kiện.
Note: You can cliông xã the Create video button multiple times khổng lồ create multiple clips of your broadcast. This allows you lớn tryên ổn và save sầu as many times as you want for each broadcast, saving the clips as separate VOD assets in your truyền thông library.

Troubleshooting sầu stream issues

If you need further help getting your sự kiện to work, you can liên hệ us. To make sure you get the fasdemo response possible, below is a danh sách of what will need to solve sầu the problem.

The specific symptoms the stream is having. For example, does it not play at all or does it stutter or freeze? Whether this stream worked correctly in the past The entry point URL you are using in your encoder The encoding software and hardware are you using The URL to the player to lớn which you have sầu published the sầu event The đoạn Clip ID of your sầu asset in Video Cloud Studio The results of a trace-route from your encoder to the publishing point host
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