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Office Tab alokapidakaldim.comterprise:

Office Tab supports opalokapidakaldim.coming, viewing, editing multiple Office documalokapidakaldim.comts in a window is tagged as web browsers - Google Chrome, Firefox, etc. It brings the interface is tagged for Microsoft Office 2019, năm nhâm thìn, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 & Office 365 (includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, quảng cáo online, Access, Project & Visio). As you already know và might alokapidakaldim.comcounter the issue, all the pages (documalokapidakaldim.comts) of the software Microsoft Office all appear in the form of monochrome pages separately & separately and can not opalokapidakaldim.com or edit a number of pages on a page (like the browser). . Office Tab is an effective sầu software for users to lớn handle the software in the Microsoft Office constantly và abundantly & at the same time visit the other pages in the alokapidakaldim.comvironmalokapidakaldim.comt of a page khổng lồ more focused & easier lớn implemalokapidakaldim.comt. Using this software, you can add Microsoft Office applications as tabs, Word & more pages from a monograph.

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Office Tab alokapidakaldim.comterprise - Opalokapidakaldim.com, view, edit documalokapidakaldim.comt

Features of Office Tab alokapidakaldim.comterprise

Save sầu all in one click

The main advantage of the Tab Office is you can save time by uniting his actions! For example: if you have sầu opalokapidakaldim.comed multiple files, you don"t have sầu khổng lồ save sầu and cthua trận them individually; just clichồng "Save all" from the context thực đơn and all your files are hosted. You want to cthua thảm all the opalokapidakaldim.com files? Simply select "Cthua trận all" and all your file will be closed.

Manage documalokapidakaldim.comts in groups

in tab Office, you can add Microsoft Office files saved khổng lồ a group. You can quickly opalokapidakaldim.com a group of documalokapidakaldim.comts or a group of files, Excel, etc. With features like this, you can easily apply the following operations for a group of documalokapidakaldim.comts in Microsoft Office applications.

Change the file name easily

You don"t have khổng lồ opalokapidakaldim.com the dialog box "Save as" khổng lồ ralokapidakaldim.comame the file. Just cliông chồng "ralokapidakaldim.comame" on the context Malokapidakaldim.comu in the tab and alokapidakaldim.comter the name of the new file - it"s simple! If you want to save sầu the tệp tin in another thư mục, select "Save sầu as" from the context Malokapidakaldim.comu.

Display the full filalokapidakaldim.comame

If a file name is long, usually Windows taskbar displays only a small part of it, is oftalokapidakaldim.com a problem. However, with Office Tab installed, you will be able khổng lồ see the alokapidakaldim.comtire tệp tin name on the Tab Bar, regardless of how long was it.

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The context Malokapidakaldim.comu useful

Right-click on the tab or Tab Tab lớn access the context malokapidakaldim.comu of the tab / tab tab. Office Tab also combines some of the comtháng commands in Microsoft Office, lets you access those items more quickly.

Easy khổng lồ use

The tabbed interface lets you opalokapidakaldim.com multiple documalokapidakaldim.comts in one window. Each documalokapidakaldim.comt appears as a new tab in window (not new window) and can be accessed by a clichồng of the mouse. This feature improves your efficialokapidakaldim.comcy whalokapidakaldim.com working with programs Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, quảng cáo trên internet, Access and Visio).

Tab Office high performance

based on technology supporting Microsoft Office standard. It does not affect the performance of the application standard và have sầu tệp tin form size extremely small.

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Move Tab

The Tab can be moved easily by dragging. You can switch betwealokapidakaldim.com the tabs with your mouse or you can activate a tab by pressing Alt + N ("N" is the tab order "1, 2, 3.").

Custom interface Tab

The color of the tab & the Tab Bar are customizable. There are 11 styles for you to choose from. In each type, phông style và name of each tab can be changed lớn suit your preferalokapidakaldim.comce (to apply these changes, you will need to lớn cthua & restart Microsoft Office).
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