A portable application can be run from a removable drive (USB flash drive, iPod, portable hard drive, etc) on any Windows computer without installation.You will carry the program with settings on removable drive and don"t modify settings on host computer.On Vista and above turn off User Account Control (UAC) or run launcher as admin.

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Extract and run NeroPortable or NeroExpressPortable.To change language edit NeroPortable.ini with Language=xx-XX (cs-CZ, da-DK, de-DE, el-GR, en-US, es-ES, fi-FI, fr-FR, hu-HU, it-IT, ja-JP, ko-KR, nb-NO, nl-NL, pl-PL, pt-BR, pt-PT, ru-RU, sv-SE, th-TH, tr-TR, zh-CN, zh-TW) and delete Data folder before restarting.Settings of installed Nero should be preserved.

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Windows 7-wise, works in some computers without any problems but not in others. Splash screen shows up, but then nothng happens. Any ideas?

Should be a problem of rights.System must accept copying the content of SysDir and WinSxS from App.

Any chance to get a version wich work with windows 2000?I think version is the latest for w2k.Please!

Long time ago, I've seen here on alokapidakaldim.com the 8.3.13 version if I remember correctly but I doubt Bernat or anybody here still have a copy to reupload.

With a simple search of name on Google:http://www.4shared.com/file/VTya3cCS/Nero_Portable_83130_MultiLangp.htmlReleased in december 2008.Run on Windows XP SP3 32 bit but problem with AdvrCntr3 on Windows 7 SP1 64 bit.

Thank you Bernat.Installed on w2k but don't start.OnlyNero8InfoToolPortable.exeandNero8DiscSpeedPortable.exeare working(admin account).How can I see what files are missing?

Difficult.Sorry, I can(t do more.

Portable Nero Burning ROM requires Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package installed to run in Windows 7

You are right Windows 7 don't allow to copy files in SYSDIR:copy the content of App\SysDir in App\Nero\Nero Burning ROM

Many many thanks as always Bernat,Working great here.Appreciated.


Can you add to the installation NeroExpressPortable. Many people will be grateful ^_^best regards

Nero Express not available in Nero Burning ROM installer.If somebody have installed the Nero Suite 12 and export the registry key:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\NeroI can try...

how I can change the language in this case Spanish thanks

I can't set Spanish on a French Windows but perhaps this NeroPortable.exe will fix for you if your Windows is Spanish and not SpanishInternational.

Friends think I did not explain well I have windos in Spanish but when I run nero is all in English as I do for fun in Spanish, many thanks

In App\Nero\Nero Burning ROM\you should have:BCGCBProRes_es-ES.nlsNero_es-ES.nlsNero_es-ES.xmlif Nero is not in Spanish, edit NeroPortable.ini with:UserDefaultLang=falseFamilyLanguage=es-ESand if Nero still in English remove:BCGCBProRes_en-US.nlsNero_en-US.nlsNero_en-US.xmlfrom App\Nero\Nero Burning ROM\

Great job as always Bernat. Appreciated.

Bernart,Can you add to the installation NeroExpressPortable.Link Nero Burning ROM & Nero Express 12.0.28001:http://www.mediafire.com/?3vioxf63zuoqo6y#!Merci.

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Download Nero Express Launcher (0.08 MB)

Bernart vous êtes gentil, fiable et compétente.Pour moi vous êtes le concepteur le plus grand et le meilleur dans le monde des portables.Merci pour tout

Running in XP SP3 sometimes works, sometimes nothing after splash screen. Same when run as user or admin.Copied SysDir dlls to system32 and to directory holding executable but still no joy.Any further suggestions? Really nice portable but shame to have to launch it multiple times.

You are right.No solution at this time.

Hi Bernat.You said:""copy the content of App\SysDir in App\Nero\Nero Burning ROM""Copy them where?The DLL files in App\SysDir alraedy exist in App\Nero\Nero Burning ROMPlease explain more detailed to copy which files into which directory.If I double click NeroExpressPortable or NeroPortable the program opens up for a split second and then dissapears.Otherwise it's working great on Windows 8 Pro x64.Thanks a lot for your work and sharing.Cheng

The copy of SysDir was for previous version. Replacing AdvrCntr6.dll in App\Nero\AdvrCntr6 should solve problem.

....... thanks a lot for this.I got 3 Nero portable programs now like Burning ROM, Express and Video (Vision).All are working great so far.Much better than the full install, CPU usage is less as well.This is very much appreciated.Thanks again .......

i like your post dear you did a great job

Thank Bernat for NeroExpress !


Thank for NeroExpress!

Thanks Bernat for NeroExpress !

Thanks Bernat for NeroExpress !

Funciona perfecto Gracias por el aporte.

I followed these steps to change the language to SpanishIn App\Nero\Nero Burning ROM\you should have:BCGCBProRes_es-ES.nlsNero_es-ES.nlsNero_es-ES.xmlif Nero is not in Spanish, edit NeroPortable.ini with:UserDefaultLang=falseFamilyLanguage=es-ESand if Nero still in English remove:BCGCBProRes_en-US.nlsNero_en-US.nlsNero_en-US.xmlfrom App\Nero\Nero Burning ROM\But fails to delete files from English.Always displays the English language

You are right.To change language use updated launchers and edit NeroPortable.ini with Language=es-ES

Now it works perfectly.Thank you very much, you are the best.

Inicia y se cierra, despues de varios intentos recien inicia probado en (Win7, Win8 y Win8.1) con los mismo problemas. Antes de la ultima actualizacion funcionaba (iniciaba) bien. Alguna solucion Gracias.

Installer updated with cracked AdvrCntr6.dll

Bernat, tried changing the language to Dutch, following your recepies above, but failed. Allthough I got it to work by renaming the original English files to:BCGCBProRes_en-US.oldnlsNero_en-US.oldnlsNero_en-US.oldxmlAnd renaming the Dutch filesBCGCBProRes_ln-NL.nlsNero_nl-NL.nlsNero_nl-NL.xml to the standard English filesBCGCBProRes_en-US.nlsNero_en-US.nlsNero_en-US.xmlWorks on Vista and Win7.Should work with other languages too when selected during installation.

You don't need to rename language files but you have to delete Data folder before restarting.Otherwise there is a conflict between previous registry entries in:HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Nero\Nero 15\Nero Burning ROM\xx-XX_Settingsand new language declared.

Trying to "add" files, but receiving error message, "some dlls aren't registered". Which dll files need to be registered. Thanks

No such problem for me.You must have admin rights to write in registry.

Hi, Thanks for your share! But I have a problem like the user "Net Abuser". In Nero Express when I click the button "Add" I got a error message "internal error couldnot open the second advanced file dialog, looks, like you didn't register some dlls"... I use it on a old pc portable with windows xp sp3, I clean the register with many software and manualy delete key about nero, I installed a new windows xp ect..., it's the same problem! Any idea, please?

You are right, no problem with Windows 7 or 8 but this error with XP.Don't use Nero Express, you can do the same things with classic interface.

Muito obrigado, vc é muito bom nisso xD \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/

Thank Bernat for NeroExpress !

i like this

Thank You Sir

I don't know. Ad*be reported even free binaries such as Flash plugins. In this trash Ad*be products were also reported.

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Yes, I think that if I publish again a post removed by Google they will delete this blog.

hi! i can't drag and drop in wndows 10 because the file "NeroPortable.exe" requires administrator rights, in not possibile to make or remove the administrator rights from the file? (then the shield disapper from the icon)Thx!

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