What is IME? What can you bởi vì if IME is disabled on your computer? In this post, MiniTool will provide some information about IME & put together several methods to lớn resolve sầu IME disabled issue.

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IME, the short for Input Method Editor, is a component or program that allows data lớn be received as input. With it, users are able khổng lồ enter characters và symbols of different languages.

However, some issues related IME have sầu been reported by plenty of users. According khổng lồ the reports, IME is enabling & disabling continuously sometimes, and it might be disabled automatically after starting system. Besides, some users found that IME disabled issue might also appear after installing Windows update.

Once IME is disabled, you cannot switch between different languages. How khổng lồ enable IME when it is disabled? You can fix the problem with the following methods.


Microsoft Warns of High CPU Usage Bug Due khổng lồ IME Windows 10

Microsoft has confirmed another bug that may cause high CPU usage on Windows 10 due lớn IME (Input Method Editor).

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Method 1: Enable IME Icon

In some cases, IME inhỏ disappears from the Taskbar và thus users think that IME is disabled. But actually, IME might not be disabled và you can still change the input language by pressing Alt + Shift.

If this is applicable in your case, you just need khổng lồ get the IME ibé baông chồng.

Just right-cliông chồng the Taskbar and cliông chồng Show touch keyboard button option from the pop-up menu. By doing this, the touch keyboard will be enabled and the IME icon should appear again along with it.

Note: To remove touch keyboard button from the Taskbar, just click this option again.


Method 2: Turn on Input Indicator

The Input Indicator is an important factor that might lead to IME disabled. If it is turn off, you will unable lớn change the input đầu vào language or keyboard layouts. So, if the touch keyboard is already enabled before or enabling it doesn’t help lớn fix the issue, you should consider checking the Input Indicator in Settings.

Step 1: Right-cliông chồng the Taskbar và choose Taskbar settings.

Step 2: In Notification area section, cliông chồng Turn system icons on or off.

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Step 3: In the new page, make sure the switch button of Input Indicator is turned on.


Method 3: Change Input Methods

Another effective sầu way to fix IME disabled issue is to change the input đầu vào methods. Here’s how to vì it:

Step 1: xuất hiện Windows Settings phầm mềm.

Step 2: Go to Time và Language > Region và language.

Step 3: In the right pane, cliông xã Advanced keyboard settings.

Step 4: When you get the following interface, check Let me use a different đầu vào method for each app window option.


After that, restart your computer & kiểm tra if the issue has been resolved. If IME is disabled still, continue with the next solution.

Method 4: Remove sầu và Add the Language Again

If you are working with multiple languages on your computer but unable lớn switch between them. You can try removing the current languages & then adding them again.

Just go to Settings > Time & Language > Region & language. Select an additional language and click Remove button. Repeat the operation lớn other installed languages lớn remove sầu all of them, except English the Windows display language.


Then, click Add a language to lớn add your needed languages again. Once it’s done, restart your computer và kiểm tra if the IME disabled issue is fixed.



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