khổng lồ join different parts together to make a whole, especially by crossing one thing over another or fitting one part inkhổng lồ another:

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She had a chất lượng capađô thị for neatly interlacing management, motherhood, và home-making, & in making & maintaining a worldwide circle of personal và professional friends.
It is written in a plain, matter-of-fact style and is interlaced with much humour & good-natured bình luận.
Note how partial evaluation has interlaced the tracer functionality inkhổng lồ the interpreter và evaluated its static components.
It reminds us how cthua trận these people were to "us", yet how different và at the same time closely interlaced our respective fates.
This discussion is interlaced with twentieth-century ethnographic data relating to lớn political and ritual activity, including initiation schools.
We identify such a class of graphs, bipartite distance hereditary graphs, for which the vertex-nullity interlace polynomial is polynomial time lớn compute.
The duality among muốn pendant và twin vertices is particularly apparent in the context of the vertex-nullity interlace polynomial.
We say that a trilattice is interlaced provided the meet & join with respect to any order are monotone with respect to any other order.
The garments are meanwhile made elaborate by their composition, with combinations of narrow bands, wider bands, và cloth panels that are wrapped, layered, và interlaced.
The emblem of this order consisted of a plaque of gold hung around the nechồng, formed by a double letter interlaced & done in red và white enamel.
The latter are completely cut loose from a techno foundation, following instead the fluttering rhythms of seemingly randomised bursts of static interlaced with staccato sine tones.

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the condition or right of being able or allowed to bởi, say, think, etc. whatever you want khổng lồ, without being controlled or limited

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