True Key uses faces, fingerprints, and trusted devices khổng lồ ensure your login credentials aren't compromised.

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Supports multifactor authentication including biometricsIncludes a digital wallet for storing sensitive sầu personal data


Lacks advanced features lượt thích automatic password changing và secure password sharingFree version only allows you lớn store 15 logins

Our Verdict

True Key provides svào basic password management, but there are plenty of other options if you want advanced features.

One common pitfall of all password managers is that you have to lớn remember a master password. If you forget it, you thua kém access to all the others. True Key offers an alternative sầu lớn this burden by allowing you lớn log in to the tiện ích using something unique to you. Depending on your device, that could be your fingerprint, your face, or a second device. You can even combine authentication methods for stronger security.

Once you’ve created an account and master password và installed the browser extension, True Key brings you up khổng lồ speed with a helpful welcome wizard. The tour starts by displaying a couple dozen popular trang web logos. You piông xã one và it takes you that site, explaining that all you have to vị is log in & True Key will capture your credentials and store them in your vault. When you return to lớn a site, True Key logs you in automatically.

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Note: This reviews is part of ourbest password managers roundup. Go there for details about competing products & how we tested them.


True Key features a digital wallet where you can store your address, driver’s license, credit cards, memberships, passports, & social security number into individual “cards” và color code them.

True Key is free to lớn tải về & use on all your devices for up to lớn 15 logins. Beyond that you need lớn tăng cấp to lớn a Premium plan, which lets you store unlimited passwords for $trăng tròn a year.

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Bottom line

Thanks lớn its emphasis on multifactor authentication, True Key stands above all other password managers when it comes to lớn protecting your passwords. However, it lacks advanced-but-essential features lượt thích one-cliông xã password changing, secure password sharing, and auto-form filling. If you just want password peace of mind, True Key offers it at a nice price. For robust password management, though, look elsewhere.

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