The following guide walks you through the steps of removing True Key by Intel Security from your operating system.

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True Key by Hãng Intel Security is a password manager by Hãng Intel that is available as a limited không tính phí version and a premium subscription version.

Many users may come in liên hệ with the program without really wanting to lớn, as it is offered as an opt-out option when Adobe Flash is downloaded from Adobe"s official website.

Instead of just pushing out McAfee Security Scan Plus, which Adobe has done for a while, it is now offering True Key by Intel Security as well khổng lồ users who tải về from Adobe"s trang web.


Since McAfee is an Intel company, both offers come from an agreement between Hãng Intel and Adobe.

How True Key got on your system


More information about True Key

True Key is freely available for Windows, Mac OS X, Android và iOS devices. It is a password manager supporting several methods of sign in including face and fingerprint, email, master password or by using a trusted device.

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It features a password manager và digital wallet, integrates with popular browsers, supports synchronization, và multi-factor authentication.

But, and that is a big one, it is limited to lớn 15 passwords in the free version. And that is how Hãng sản xuất Intel makes money from the program. Users who require more than 15 passwords need to pay $19.99 per year for the premium version.

It appears that the limit is the only difference between the free & premium version. The premium version supports a maximum of 2000 passwords.

True Key Alternatives

You may want to lớn switch lớn another password manager instead as it is usually a good thing lớn use one.

The choice depends largely on your requirements. If you only want one for your desktop PC, try KeePass, a không tính tiền password manager for Windows (và Linux).

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If you want syncing between desktop and điện thoại devices, try LastPass, which is also miễn phí of charge.

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