Issues with the updated crashing when inserting any text or images. Comes up with stopped working crash error.

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Major issue as this is part of my job... How bởi vì I revert baông chồng lớn the old one whilst this is fixed??


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AdminAbhinav Kaushik (Product Manager, Adobe responded · November 17, 2017

Hello All,

We have sầu fixed a number of crashes with’s latest Nov’17 update.Please tải về the lakiểm tra version ( CC 13.0.1) for the fix.

List of crashes and other issues that have sầu been fixed with the update can be found at the below provided link:

If you are unable to lớn see the update yet, go lớn Creative sầu Cloud application, clichồng on the context menu on the top right và clichồng on Check for App Updates.

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AdminAbhinav Kaushik (Product Manager, Adobe responded · October 25, 2017

Hello,Thank you for reporting the issue. We would need some more information from you guys lớn start investigating into lớn the problem.Is it happening on Mac or Win?

Are the files that are being placed into kept on the network location.

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Please share the crash reports and sample text/image files with us on this thread. If you are unable to attach a tệp tin here, please cốt truyện them using tệp tin sharing platforms such Dropbox, WeTransfer và provide the links in the comments.

Or you can gmail them directly lớn abkaushi

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