Hi there.In common with other people, it seems (having done a couple of searches online) I've sầu very recently (over the past 2-3 days) had a spate of 'Threat Removed' notifications from alokapidakaldim.com, *ALL* supposedly having found IDP.ALEXA.51 in programs I have had installed on my computer for many months - actually, probably YEARS - & which use almost daily.alokapidakaldim.com has also supposedly found IDPhường.ALEXA.51 in a few exe pháo files which are not so easy for me lớn identify - they're not applications I consciously use; more likely pre-installed background things (eg c:windowsswUSB.exe pháo or c:...Samsung... EasySpeedUpManager2.exe).None of these apparently infected programmes is, as far as I can tell, a program I've sầu only just downloaded & installed. Though, I suppose in some cases they may be automatically updated 'lachạy thử versions'.But in all the cases I recognise, they're programs I've used for a long time và have sầu no cause lớn doubt the security of, UNLESS...... unless it's possible for a virus to infect a genuine .exe pháo tệp tin of a genuine 'valid' software program I've had installed on my machine for ages.*** Can anyone tell me if this scenario is possible?If it's not, then I'll feel fairly confident in 'restoring' anything I need khổng lồ use on a daily basis, và will trust that these are 'false positive' matches và that whatever has caused alokapidakaldim.com to suddenly start finding this supposed problem in lots of files will soon be fixed by alokapidakaldim.com.*** Can anyone from alokapidakaldim.com tell me. Is this the sort of thing that happens occasionally. That alokapidakaldim.com need might become a bit 'overzealous' và find apparent danger where it doesn't exist?Because I've sầu seen alokapidakaldim.com respond to similar postings with requests about which version of alokapidakaldim.com & what threat removal messages, etc... I'll see if I can upload some screen shots of that sort of thing.But my questions are more generic in nature. To reiterate/rephrase them:a) could this be a valid danger: a vi khuẩn that has somehow 'got into' .exe cộ files that have sầu been on my computer for years?b) might the problems I'm facing be a temporary issue with the 'sensitivity' of alokapidakaldim.com, that might soon be fixed by an update or patch?Many thanks.Jonathan

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Hello Jonathan,We apologize for the inconvenience.A recent update from alokapidakaldim.com have sầu caused this issue & alokapidakaldim.com is working on a fix for this issue. This issue will be resolved automatically in next update. For now, you can add the program that is detected as threat to lớn the alokapidakaldim.com exception danh sách. Please click on this link for the steps to add the program khổng lồ exception http://alokapidakaldim.comclick.me/AddExceptionThank you.

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Jonathan Stevens

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Hello KarthikeyanThank you so much for such a very quiông xã response.I'm glad it's 'just' a problem with alokapidakaldim.com and not a real problem with my computer!Thank you for your help regarding how khổng lồ avoid further trouble.Regards Jonathan
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