With custom response options, you can now create approvals with responses tailored specifically lớn your business needs. Use custom responses to provide granular feedbaông xã for nội dung đánh giá (E.g.: Approve sầu, Approve with edits, Reject), respond to lớn an approval to offer discount with discount limits (Up khổng lồ 5%, Up to 10%, Up to lớn 15%, Denied), & more!

Create an approval with custom responses

Let’s say we want khổng lồ sover an approval request each time a proposal is uploaded to a SharePoint thư mục, và allow the approver to respond with one of three options: Accept, Accept with edits, Reject.

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To do this, begin by adding an action that starts an approval, just as you bởi today.


Next, select one of the two ‘Custom Responses’ options in the Approval type dropdown.

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Lastly, specify your custom response by filling in the ‘Response options item’ field. To add another custom response option, clichồng the ‘Add new item’ button.


Leverage approval responses

Based on the outcome of the approval request, we might want lớn vì different things. For instance, if the outcome of the request is Accept/Reject, move the proposal lớn a folder for accepted/rejected proposals, but if it is Accept with edits, skết thúc an tin nhắn khổng lồ notify the author to make changes lớn the proposal.

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To bởi vì this, add a Condition or a Switch action, pick the ‘Outcome’ field of the approval request from the dynamic content picker & kiểm tra whether the value equals Accept, Accept with edits & Reject respectively.


Respond to approval requests with a custom response

Responding khổng lồ an approval with custom response options is no different from responding to Approve/Reject approvals. Head on over khổng lồ the Approval center in Flow, or the actionable email & pichồng your response

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