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It is now part of the international political landscape, fortified by other courts & a galaxy of non-governmental organizations và transnational alliances.
At this time, however, the government concentrated on fortifying relatively few but central places, especially at the frontiers and the most important ferry stations.
Unlike floods, typhoons, or some manner of epidemics, populations cannot be publicly marshaled khổng lồ "resist" or "fortify themselves" against the coming disaster.
The ancient states pushed outward into these regions in order to lớn fortify themselves against their rivals, và the unified empires continued the process.
Today there is greater reluctance to use labour law to lớn fortify collective sầu industrial relations institutions.
Throughout the post-war period, they fortified the philosophical & ideological lifeblood of a movement which had gone on the defensive sầu worldwide.
At the same time, the existence of a strong aristocracy also fortified the government, thus preserving the state from degenerating into lớn anarchy & despotism.
It also explains why it has " sustained popular support, cemented unity, fortified collective resolve sầu và rallied flagging commitment over the years ".
This, combined with an ethical distaste for genetics, fortified a science of development that riveted its attention on the social environment.
A buổi tiệc nhỏ that foresees its displacement has incentives khổng lồ fortify countervailing power centres, including the judiciary.
To my gratification he acknowledged that this might be a case where a judiciously selected exception could fortify the general rule against neologisms.
When spouses are able to maintain their overall quality of life, they are fortified lớn continue lớn provide care to the patient.

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From 1950 lớn 1975, policymakers gradually fortified existing policies by making benefits both more generous và more inclusive.
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