Solid Converter

Turn PDF into Word, Excel file format

Newest Version: Solid Converter v10.0

Turn your PDFs inkhổng lồ documents you can edit. Solid Converter PDF converts PDF files into Microsoft Word documents, Excel spreadsheets và more. Plus, you can save your Word files as PDFs for easy distribution or display on the Web. Solid Converter lets you recover the text, layout, and images of your original document at a fraction of the cost of Adobe Acrobat.

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Windows Version

Solid PDF Tools

Scan or generate searchable, archivable, PDF/A files.

Newest Version: Solid PDF Tools v10.0

Solid PDF Tools: scan, create or convert. Affordable creation of searchable, archivable PDF/A compliant documents

Difference from Solid Converter:Includes all of Solid Converter"s features, in addition to TIFF khổng lồ PDF, scan khổng lồ PDF, OCR layer, PDF to PDF/A, & PDF/A correction.

There is a Japanese Menu available for this product

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Mac Version

Solid Converter Mac

Turn PDF inlớn Word, Excel tệp tin format

Newest Version: Mac version Converter v2 released

English, French, German, Japanese, are some of the 13 language supported.

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Notice:Previously known as Solid PDF to lớn Word for Mac.

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Process Automation Product


Windows Version

Solid Automator

Automated PDF/A validation and searchable PDF creation

New Version: Solid Automator v10.0 Released

Solid Automator uses monitored folder and predefined settings to automate PDF work flow. Solid automator Converts images or PDF files into PDF/A, PDF/A validation, & creates searchable PDF or PDF/A. It supports the following formats: ISO 19005"s PDF/A-3b, và PDF/A-3u.

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Windows Version

Solid Commander

Searchable PDF creation and automate text extraction

New Version: Solid Commander v10.0 Released

Conversion of PDF inlớn Word or text, PDF to lớn PDF/A validification, and searchable PDF creation can be automated. Solid Commander uses monitored folder and predefined settings ti automate the work flow of PDF and PDF/A.

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Software Development Product


Solid Framework

Royalty-không tính tiền .NET class library, PDF creation, conversion, rendering, modification

By using Solid Framework .Net kit, your product"s competitiveness will improve sầu. By using this SDK, PDF tệp tin creation, change, và create applications with conversion function. The newest Solid Documents" công nghệ reduces sản phẩm launch time.

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Please feel không lấy phí lớn tương tác us about product details, prices, license system etc.

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