In this guide, we will show you how to change IP address to lớn another country which means you get a giả IP address, this will allow you to access blocked & restricted websites & apps in any country you want while remaining secure.

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The Good News:

There’s a way to lớn bởi all of this easily, & your internet service provider (ISP) won’t be able to lớn blochồng you from accessing restricted content, they won’t even know what you are doing online anymore.
Why Change Your IP?How to lớn Change IP Address khổng lồ Another Country?VPN:Smart DNS:Tor Browser:Which Is The Safest Method lớn Benefit From?How to change your IPhường manually to one in the same country

Security Gladiators IPhường. Scanner Tool

Our custom Security Gladiators IP. Scanner Tool below shows you your current IP. address that is broadcast all over the internet when you are online. It also shows the information that is easily looked up that related to lớn that address. This could then be further narrowed down to lớn your street address.

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Your IP.. & Location are Visible!

However, assigned device IPhường addresses are not written in stone and can be changed/masked/hidden.

We will perform most of our work here.

Before we go inlớn why you may need to change your IPhường và the different methods of how, the best way is to lớn use a VPN. A VPN is easy to lớn use, cheap, & has tons of benefits we explain in more detail below. The best VPN we found for this purpose is NordVPN, cliông chồng here to lớn get a 70% discount.

So, you want to change your IPhường country location to lớn another one and kém chất lượng your device’s public IP. address, but let’s first find out what an IP address is.

What is an IP Address you may ask?

Well, your IP address is a chất lượng number that is assigned khổng lồ your device connected to lớn the internet or network. This number can be used khổng lồ identify your particular device, including your physical location.

You can think of it like a fingerprint. No two devices are assigned a single IP Address. When you connect to lớn the internet and surf websites, your device’s IPhường address is broadcast for all to see it unless you hide your IPhường address.

Some examples of popular websites and what their IPhường. addresses are:​

Every trang web you surf on the mạng internet, và every network you access will know your devices IPhường address, và they can use it for many different purposes, some completely fine, và others you should be very worried about indeed. In this digital age, it makes sense to mask or hide your IP..

By using a nhái IPhường address, it can effectively change your location to another country so you will have sầu no trouble accessing websites that are blocked or restricted in your country. You will still be able to use any device, and it will work with most of the mạng internet service providers (ISPs).

Geoblocking happens in almost all countries.

For instance, some content providers & their websites (e.g., BBC iPlayer) will only serve nội dung khổng lồ IP addresses in a particular geographical location (e.g., the United Kingdom), which in turn means that all IPhường. addresses not from that locale will be blocked. This type of censorship is known as Geo-Blocking.

Some news websites serve different news to lớn different areas of the world based on the IP address of the reader. Maybe you’re visiting Turkey và still want to lớn read online news articles specific to your trang chủ country, the USA. Similarly, you cannot use the most popular tin nhắn service provider Gmail in China và other heavily censored countries.

To bypass such restrictions, you need to change your IP address và its broadcast location to a different one, this will then make it look like you are actually in the location you want khổng lồ appear to lớn be in.

With a fake IPhường, you can watch all content from streaming websites such as BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Hulu, HBO and many more. But a giả IPhường address isn’t just useful to watch content from sites such as BBC iPlayer. Having a changed and kém chất lượng IPhường address can come in handy in many other situations.

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There are tons of benefits of changing your IPhường address & location of the IP..

Why Change Your IP?

Remain Anonymous Online:


One of the major reasons why people want lớn learn how khổng lồ change their assigned IPhường Address, fake it or change IP address to lớn another country is so that they can browse the internet with anonymity in a secure and private way.

To what kết thúc, you may ask? By using different assigned IPhường addresses on your devices (Smartphone or desktop), you appear to be physically in a different location (đô thị & country), therefore if anyone is monitoring your activity & trying to trachồng you down, then they think you are somewhere else other than where you are.

With the amount of cyber-crime going on these days, this is a major draw for people to lớn change their IP.. addresses lớn fake ones.


Hackers can traông chồng you down & steal your identity và sensitive sầu data.

Some sites also collect and cốt truyện data about you with third parties without your knowledge. Selecting an IP based in a country that has svào privacy laws will help you keep a high cấp độ of anonymity.

6British Virgin Islands

Table showing the top-ranked countries that value their citizen’s privacy.

Appear From a Different Location:


You’ve sầu probably heard or noticed that when you try booking a flight online from different locations (different IP’s), there’s usually a price difference even though it is the same flight. This price difference is despite the fact that the departure time và location remain the same.

What usually happens is that booking sites will take note of your assigned IP. Address, and if it shows you’re from a country with a higher GDP (indicating wealthier populations), you will see more expensive flights than someone with an IP Address from a location with a relatively worse off economy.

It pays khổng lồ appear khổng lồ be located in a poorer country here.

Also, these airfare websites can take a peek at your browsing history by looking at cookies stored on your website. If it shows you’ve been looking for flights, you’re likely to lớn be shown more expensive flights than other visitors who are checking the flight price for the first time.

To, get better ticket prices, change your IP. location to another country that has low GDPhường. You can find low GDPhường countries on this page. Later in the article we will show how to change your IP address country/location using VPNs.

RankCountryAvg. $/100km
30 USA$11.50

Table showing the page đầu cheapest countries khổng lồ book flights from in 2017, and also some of the most expensive. Source

This is also the case when buying goods và services online. You will notice that you can buy online subscriptions to lớn software (e.g. Adobe PhotoShop etc.) and other things from the USA cheaper than say in Europe or nước Australia.

Unblochồng Sites:


There are quite a few geographically restricted websites on the internet that you cannot connect lớn from certain regions of the world. For instance, if you’re a fan of the wildly successful Netflix sci-fi drama Stranger Things, you can’t watch it online while on holiday in China.

Should you wish to unbloông chồng Netflix from China – you would require a US-based IPhường. address. Some Geo-Restricted websites include but not limited to Netflix, Hulu, HBO, NFLSeasonPass, BBC iPlayer, ABC iView, Channel 7 (Aus), and just about every TV Network that also streams their content on the internet. In other cases, blogs và social truyền thông accounts of dissidents are usually restricted in regions of the world where freedom of thought và speech is not prevalent.

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If you like lớn follow đoạn phim guides better than reading then watch the video clip below to see how easy you can change your IP address.

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