Download Windows XP. Professional

Windows XP, the name is enough for its introduction because it is one of the most used operating system all over the world. Still, many users love to lớn use Windows XPhường. và looking khổng lồ download Windows XPhường professional edition.

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XPhường is a part of the Windows NT operating system developed by Microsoft & released in the year 2001. Windows XP.. had released after Windows ME & Windows 2000.

In its initial release, Windows XPhường. got positive Reviews from the users in comparison lớn Windows ME & 2000 version.

Microsoft Windows XPhường was the first consumer version that is used by most of the trang chủ and business users, which comes with three different service packs following with SP1, SP2 và SP3 (final in 2008).

Windows XP was exists until 12 years after its initial launch & the most used operating systems in computer history.


Microsoft Has Ended Windows XPhường Support

Later, Microsoft released Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and now Windows 10. Windows Vista was not succeeding in comparison to Windows XP.. edition.

After the launch và success of Windows 7 in năm trước, the successful 12 years of Windows XPhường. operating system, Microsoft announced that tư vấn for Windows XP is going lớn be over by April 2014 and asked users to lớn upgrade their operating system lớn a higher version (Windows Vista or 7).

That means, Microsoft will not provide or release any security updates, bug fixes updates or technical support for the Windows XP OS.

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If users keep using the Windows XP. then, Windows will not be updated (as tư vấn was ended), it’s become a victlặng of harmful viruses, malware, spyware or any other malicious software that can damage your personal documents, as per the Microsoft.


Download Windows XP.. Professional with SP3 (32-bit)

The reason behind providing the Windows XP download here, I have sầu seen many times, users search for Windows XP number of times. Thus, I encouraged to create an article on Windows XP.

If you are one of the Windows XPhường lovers, tải về from below given link and install on your PC. Seriously, I tested provided ISO image on one of my old computer và works fine for me.

No activation required, its already activated version of Windows XP Professional with SP3 (32-bit).

The article và provided tải về is given for knowledge & educational purpose only so, the users can tải về, install & understvà the product và it’s uses.

System Requirements

Before you tải về & start the installation process, make sure your system meets below requirements.

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In addition, you can burn this ISO image onlớn CD by using burning software like- Nero or Roxio burner. Instead, you can download Rufus and create a bootable pen drive sầu for installation.

Processor (CPU): Pentium or compatible 32-bit/64-bit

RAM: 256 MB or higher

Hard Drive: Minimum 1.5 GB không lấy phí hard disk space

Display Resolution: 800 x 600 or higher

Cliông xã below button khổng lồ download Windows XPhường professional edition with SP3 (x86) preactivated:

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