This page includes a selection of save sầu files for the Windows PC version of TOMB RAIDER (a.k.a. Tomb Raider 9, Tomb Raider 2013).

Bạn đang xem: Tomb raider (2013) 100% walkthrough is not responsible for any problems that may occur due to downloading these files or following advice given here. If you"re unfamiliar with this process, I highly recommover following the step-by-step installation instructions linked below.

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Go ahead & lean on me! Download a Tomb Raider savegame tệp tin.

These Windows PC save sầu files were made using the Steam tải về patched lớn the lathử nghiệm version available at the time. As far as I know, subsequent patches bởi not affect file compatibility.

Each zip tệp tin linked below includes several save sầu files for each cấp độ, each inside a folder named khổng lồ describe where in the game it was made. The last file includes one save with the game completed to lớn 100%. Clichồng here for installation instructions & a few IMPORTANT WARNINGS.

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Area 1: Scavenger"s Den (following QTEs)Area 2: Coastal BluffsArea 3: Coastal ForestArea 4: Mountain TempleArea 5: Mountain Village (first visit)Area 6: Base ApproachArea 7: Mountain BaseArea 8: Base ExteriorArea 9: Cliffiside VillageArea 10: Mountain Village (second visit)Area 11: Mountain Pass (first visit)Area 12: Chasm MonasteryArea 13: Mountain Village (third visit)Area 14: Mountain DescentArea 15: Shantytown (parts 1 và 2)Areas 16 & 17: Cavern Entrance và Geothermal CavernsArea 18: Solarii FortressArea 19: Fortress TowerArea 20: Summit ForestArea 21: Gondola TransportArea 22: Shipwreông xã Beach (first visit)Area 23: Cliffside BunkerArea 24: Shipwreông chồng Beach (second visit)Area 25: Retìm kiếm Base (includes Shipwreông xã Beach third visit)Area 26: Mountain Pass (sceond visit)Area 27: Chasm Stronghold Area 28: Chasm ShrineArea 29: Chasm ZigguratTOMB RAIDER 100% complete PC save sầu file

In addition khổng lồ my own saves, detailed above, here are two other complete collections with saves from all levels.

Jeff Reid"s Complete Tomb Raider 2013 PC Saves - Download Link (10 Mb zip file) - Includes a text document with details.

TombRaiderHQ"s Tomb Raider Saved trò chơi Archive.

This 3.75 MB .zip file contains 48 save sầu files for the Mac game, including a final save sầu with 100% completion. They were made with the Mac App Store version but should work with the Steam version as well.

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Macintosh TOMB RAIDER save collection

The tải về also contains a PDF file describing where in the game each save was made. If you"re having trouble finding where the save files are stored on your system, check out Feral Interactive"s help page. That page also includes a link khổng lồ tương tác tư vấn. Thanks khổng lồ John D. for sharing these saves.

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