Though files of FLV format are often flash videos that are viewable in most website browsers with Adobe Flash Player, some FLV video clip players are also able khổng lồ play FLV videos downloaded from Metacà phê, Vevo, etc. Here we focus on how khổng lồ play FLV videos on Windows 10/8/7 with a superb Windows 10 FLV player khổng lồ help you get rid of Windows Media Player (12) can"t play FLV problem.

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Tailor-made FLV Player for Windows 10 và Mac Free Download

Ace đoạn Clip player is a full-featured FLV player for Windows 10 lớn play FLV flash videos on Windows 10/8/7 và Mac OS with no fuss plus a support for a spate of đoạn Clip audio formats – F4V SWF MP3 MKV AVI AAC MP3, to name just a few. It wouldn"t be an understatement khổng lồ say that this Windows 10 FLV player is your best choice for enjoying truyền thông media files once you find that it"s also an online video clip downloader & AirPlay/DLNA hệ thống.


Contents:1.Wiki: What is FLV?2.Why is the Best FLV Player for Windows 10? 2.Other 3 FLV Players for Windows 10 Recommended3. How to Play FLV Videos on Windows 10 with the Best Windows 10 FLV Player?

Wiki: What is FLV?

FLV, standing for Flash Video, is a container tệp tin format developed by Adobe Systems used for containing audio, video clip, text and data that are often spread over the Internet & visible via Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Air, website browser plugin or some third-tiệc ngọt FLV đoạn Clip players. Flash Video, coming with low CPU-occupying feature, is small in form size and fast in loading speed that it becomes the standard video format used by nearly all embedded videos from Hulu, Vevo, Metacafe and many more websites.

But here we would like lớn bức xúc that you have sầu lớn download a third-party FLV player for Windows 10 if you want to play the downloaded FLV video clip files on your Windows 10/8/7 PC. More importantly, the professional Windows 10 FLV player will also handle the flash videos with different file extensions like .f4v, .f4p, .f4a, .f4b, và .swf files.

Why is the Best FLV Player for Windows 10?

Though Adobe Flash Player is the best choice for FLV playing, it only works for web browser. It is a pity that we have sầu lớn abandon it when referring to playing FLV files offline on Windows 10. How about the mặc định Windows Media Player (12) for Windows 10? Sadly, Windows Media Player (12) doesn"t natively support FLV videos unless you install properly configured Windows Media Player codec khổng lồ enable WMP.. lớn Play FLV files on Windows 10/8/7.

So, here we recommover you the professional Windows 10 FLV player to easily play FLV/F4V/SWF files if you are very much opposed to using any codec paông chồng., built in 450+ video clip coedcs, stands out among the rest to help you handle any common Clip format và resolution on Windows 10/8/7 và Mac. No matter you throw FLV F4V SWF MKV MP4 WMV AVI MOV files or 4K HD 1080p 720p videos at it, this Windows 10 FLV player digests them all. Actually, this FLV video player shines not only in light of its superb FLV playbaông chồng ability on Windows 10, its embrace of vast features including FLV đoạn phim download và convert & FLV media streaming also makes itself a top-notch truyền thông hệ thống that it is difficult lớn embody toàn thân in a single sentence. So, không lấy phí download this Windows 10 FLV player lớn see what it will bring lớn you.

Other 3 FLV Players for Windows 10 Recommended

Though there are kinds of Windows 10 FLV players topping the Google tìm kiếm result because they adopt ads policy or take some special measures khổng lồ raise the ranking, it doesn"t mean that they are really professional FLV player for Windows 10. Take Jujuba FLV Media Player as an example, it stands on the shoulder of giant Microsoft but it still get various negative critics when playing FLV files. To make sure that your FLV video clip playbaông chồng experience is successful, we seriously and delicatedly select other 3 FLV video players for you to lớn play FLV files on Windows 10 if is not your first choice.


No 1. VLC – Open-source FLV Player for Windows 10

Armed with excellent playing features and surrounded by vast positive sầu đánh giá, VLC is indeed a superb multitruyền thông player lớn handle a variety of đoạn phim audio files. When referring to lớn FLV playbaông chồng on Windows 10, this Windows 10 VLC video clip player gets well with it in most of the time though occasionally VLC audio delay happens. Don"t worry, the probability of such issue is small và sometimes it is because of the bad FLV videos but not the VLC itself.


No2. KMPlayer - Single-minded FLV Player for Windows 10

KMPlayer put almost all focus on truyền thông media playback on Windows PC including Windows 10, 8, 7, XPhường and Vista, which is reflected from its negative sầu attitude lớn the Mac version. And just like VLC and, this FLV Clip player contains internal codecs including MPEG1/2, AAC, WMA 7/8, OGG & codec from ffdshow that you can play any media tệp tin without searching for và downloading additional codecs. So, using KMPlayer lớn play FLV on Windows 10 PC will be a happy process as long as you don"t mind the bundleware during the downloading and installation of KMPlayer Windows 10.

No 3. MPC-HC – Free FLV Player for Windows 10 Only

If you are looking for a standalone FLV player for Windows 10, then Media Player Classic Windows 10 is your best choice. This FLV player only has a Windows version, showing us its strong determination to lớn become the best truyền thông media player for Windows OS. It"s classical & long in development time that we can offer full trust to its ability to play FLV flash videos on Windows 10/8/7 PC despite that there is sometimes Media Player Classic crashing problem.

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Step 1 : Free Download the best FLV player for Windows 10 by clicking the Windows download button listed below lớn get the cài đặt, install & run it. Of course, you can get the Mac version if you need.

Step 2: Play FLV video on Windows 10 via three ways:

*Cliông xã "Video" on the main interface of và choose the FLV tệp tin you want khổng lồ open.*Drag"n drop the tệp tin directly khổng lồ the interface of this Windows 10 FLV Player. *Right-click the FLV file you want to lớn play and then choose khổng lồ open.

Notice: If there is no FLV, F4V, SWF or any other Clip file in your local folder, you can tải về videos movies online by clicking the "YouTube" button on the main interface of và then follow the download guide.

It doesn"t matter that you are a newbie or an expert khổng lồ the format world, vì chưng everything for you in truyền thông playbachồng that you don"t need khổng lồ get the details of flash videos and how to lớn play FLV/F4V/SWF files on Windows 10. Just rethành viên that will handle anything you throw at it, be it MP4 WMV MKV AVI 4K 1080p 720p HD etc videos or MP3 AAC OGG etc music. And this Windows 10 FLV player always st& by you when you need khổng lồ download online videos or stream video music khổng lồ big screen.

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