Security is very important lớn every person so most people use passwords or lockers in order lớn secure their data. But sometimes cause of bức xúc in working many people forgot their Windows 10 password. This can be the genuine reason that why people want khổng lồ crachồng Windows 10 password. The password is very important in case of multiple users. You can also assign a user tài khoản khổng lồ your child with your control. But the most annoying thing is that when you forgot your password. Do you want to know which one is the best method to lớn craông chồng Windows password? If yes, then read the article below.quý khách hàng sẽ xem: Windows 10 activator kmspico + crack

Solution 1: Craông xã Win 10 Password via CMD

This method is quite easy khổng lồ crachồng Windows 10 password, but make sure that you have sầu another trương mục lớn log in as an administrator otherwise this method will not work.

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Step 1: Open “Start” and then type “Command” in searching bar.Step 2: After typing a commvà you need khổng lồ right click “Commvà Prompt” and select “Run as Administrator”.Step 3: In the over, you need to lớn type "net user Username New password" & then press "Enter".Step 4: If you are still confused then have a look on the picture below, everything is clear in the picture.


Solution 2: Password Crack Windows 10 through Password Rephối Page

Do you want lớn know how to crack a Windows 10 password without any software? If yes, then this solution is for you.

Step 2: After choosing this, cliông xã "Next".Step 3: After choosing next, Microsoft will ask alternative Thư điện tử or Number that you provided them when you started Microsoft Account.Step 4: If you provide them with your alternative sầu Email, Microsoft will take you khổng lồ remix the password.


Solution 3: Windows 10 Craông xã Password with Administrator Privilege

I am going to explain an amazing solution on cracking Windows 10 password, just continue lớn read. This method is so easy và called as SAC (Super Administrator Account). This is an amazing hidden feature on your computer lớn reset forgotten Windows 10 password.

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Step 1: In order to activate this feature on your computer you need to turn on your locked PC and wait till the login screen appears.Step 2: Press Shift key almost 7 to 8 times till the Super Administrator Account appears.Step 3: When SAC appears just login & go to Control Panel and choose "User Profiles" and at the end select the User Name for which you want khổng lồ rephối the password.


Step 4: Modify your password but make sure lớn log in next time from your main Administrator Account.

Solution 4: Crachồng Password Windows 10 by Using Ophcrack

Ophcrack is an amazing Windows 10 password cracker. But the main disadvantage of this tool is that it can only recover seven-character password.

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Wait a few minutes till the Ophcrachồng recovers your password.

Solution 5: Crachồng Windows 10 Password with 4WinKey

I have mentioned different solutions for Windows 10 password crack. But 4WinKey is the best password cracker Windows 10 lớn recover User, Guest & Administrator Account. This Software is just amazing và efficient. It is free of viruses & its recovery rate reaches 100%!

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