PaintShop Pro 20trăng tròn is our lathử nghiệm version & it’s better than ever!

PaintShop Pro X8 was a great photo lớn editor but with the lathử nghiệm version, we took photo lớn editing to another level. With versatile hardware tư vấn & an improved user interface, Paintcửa hàng Pro is widely recognized as one of the best photo lớn editing applications on the market. The enhanced tools và features along with tons of presets of the lademo version make it our most powerful version yet.

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The top reasons to lớn switch from PaintShop Pro X8

NEW Creative nội dung ENHANCED Legacy features ENHANCED Depth of Field NEW Layers setting NEW SmartClone


Discovery Center

Learn new skills and find creative sầu inspiration from"s Discovery Center. Find photography tips, tricks và tutorials.



Video tutorials introduce you to key features in PaintShop Pro so you can master the application quickly.


How-to Guides

Short step-by-step written guides on the most common pholớn editing tasks.


PaintShop Professionals

Learn from the Pros, talented phokhổng lồ and thiết kế enthusiasts who have excellent PaintShop Pro skills và a willingness to lớn help others improve their skills.


Phokhổng lồ Blog

Check out our official blog lớn stay informed about the photo editing software you love sầu. You"ll find how-to lớn articles, profiles & interviews with community members, development updates và more.


General Pholớn Editing Tutorials

In-depth written tutorials help you understvà key photo lớn editing concepts in và out of PaintShop Pro.

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* User-to-User Forum

Discuss PaintShop Pro, get advice, and swap tips & techniques with other users.


User Guide

The PaintShop Pro User Guide is a complete PDF that you can view online or print. It covers the basic information you need khổng lồ get started.


Web-based Help

The PaintShop Pro web-based Help is a comprehensive reference for the application. It contains the most up-to-date information.



Find frequently asked questions và answers in the Knowledgebase.


Keyboard Shortcuts

Save time with keyboard commands for the most frequently performed tasks in PaintShop Pro.

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