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By Chris Adams
A game should be judged more on its own merits than how it holds up khổng lồ other, similar games.

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But in the case of Cocokhổng lồ Kart Racer, an utterly shameless rip-off of Mario Kart DS, I feel warranted to make an exception. Cocoto lớn Kart Racer adds absolutely nothing lớn the kart-racing genre and makes no effort to lớn differentiate itself from Nintendo's champion racing series. And what it does rip off, it usually does so poorly. Although the game plays okay and might even be enjoyable to lớn someone unaware of the Mario Kart series, it offers nothing that Nintendo's game doesn't và is pretty worthless because of that.

The instruction manual gives a brief overview of the story & characters, but this information is completely missing in the game itself. Players are thrown inlớn races without any hint of story or character info, which makes the nauseously dễ thương characters seem pretty random & unimportant. Granted, story isn't the most important aspect in a racing game, but if you're going lớn bother coming up with some original characters at least give sầu your audience a reason to care about them. Players can race as eight different creatures, with four more unlocked through the game. Four cars can be selected for each character, although unlike in Mario Kart these are generic cars shared by everyone. The cars also don't seem khổng lồ have any attribute differences, other than some of them being uglier than others. The twelve sầu racers do have sầu slightly different attributes but in a disaster move, this isn't mentioned anywhere in the actual game. The player will have sầu to lớn look in the instruction manual lớn find that Neruo has "great acceleration" while Baggy moves "fat & sturdy but handles the road somewhat poorly." Wait, does that last one even make sense?

The Mario mimicry is pretty blatant in this game, especially when it comes khổng lồ powerups. There are the orbs that circle the kart for protection (ala Mario's green shells), a fairy that zips down the trachồng to take out the race leader (xanh shell), a piranha that homes in on the nearest opponent (red shell), a fireball that is left on the road for people khổng lồ drive sầu over (banamãng cầu peel), & a 'Storm Angel' that shoots all cars with a bolt of lightning from above, causing them to slow down (unlượt thích in Mario, they vì not shrink). They say that imitation is the sincerest khung of flattery, but this game is downright plagiarism. Other powerups and on-traông xã objects include the requisite tốc độ boosts, slippery spots (tomatoes instead of oil) & slow-down points. There's basically nothing new this game brings to the table, although on the bright side I suppose this makes it easier to lớn master. Blatant copying aside, the game's not a travesty by any means. For one thing, velothành phố works pretty nicely. Characters continue to pichồng up speed as they race along, which makes weaving around on the traông chồng more difficult and enjoyable the longer the player is able khổng lồ drive without crashing. Collisions are very forgiving, which could be seen as lazy programming, but it's fun to lớn slip up hills and walls instead of just coming to lớn a dead halternative text whenever the kart veers off course. Controls are responsive, but are considerably shallower than in Mario Kart. For starters, the player is able to jump và skid, but these two abilities don't work well together so drifting & snaking isn't really possible.

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The developers copied everything else in Nintendo's masterwork; it's a shoông xã they didn't copy their excellent cornering system. Most races involve sầu just holding down the B button & occasionally tapping left or right on the +control pad, as opposed to lớn the better kart racing games where the player is always actively doing something for that extra edge. The levels are pretty generic và mushy-looking, with boring, unintuitive sầu layouts. In Mario Kart, each level was constructed to tell a story of sorts – now you're in the yard, now you're in the mansion, now you're in the garden, & so on. In addition lớn keeping the visuals fresh, this also made every area & corner in the game easier to lớn memorize & master. In Cocoto lớn, the levels feature very few landmarks & recycle the same handful of details over & over, making them a confusing chore to lớn stumble through. The game offers a few different modes, although there isn't really that much difference between them. Players can either play through a Championship Race, in three different pots (the equivalent of cups), or play a single race on one of ten tracks (which is actually just five sầu tracks with two variations of each). There's a multiplayer mode, which requires a copy of the game for every player – ridiculous when one considers how much data & graphics Mario Kart was able to stream to an empty DS. A Records option shows off best times in each of the pots but no additional info. Nothing else is offered in the game, not even a backstory or character profiles. Cocokhổng lồ Kart Racer offers the absolute minimum lớn be considered a racing game and nothing in the way of additional modes or challenges. The 3D art is pretty darn ugly in this game. Although there aren't many problems with slowdown or pop-in, everything has a very mushy, dark and hugely generic feel to lớn it. The characters look lượt thích rejects from a Crash Bandicoot racing game và without any information on them beyond their name, they feel random and unimportant. 2 chiều menus are very plain, essentially just basic text over an occasionally-scrolling background. This is a button-only game, even down to the menus. On the one h&, Cocoto lớn Kart Racer isn't an awful game. It's a simple, fast-paced racing game that should be easy for younger gamers khổng lồ play. On the other h&, there's no reason for anyone to buy it because everything it does, Mario Kart DS does better. Even gamers who have sầu utterly exhausted what Mario Kart DS has to lớn offer will still enjoy replaying that game more than trying lớn find anything fun in here.

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The only thing quality in Cocoto Kart Racer is its mediocrity and lack of creativity.
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