BetaLog - October 7, 2019

Notable Changes

Stable release candidate.Added tư vấn for macOS 10.11 through 10.13.Improved performance when editing và scrolling.Fixed various issues.

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Folder Compare

Fixed Cmd+C shortcut triggering "Clear" in the Folder Compare "Filters" Session Settings panel.Fixed treeview showing incorrect files when forcibly scrolling from "Next Difference Files" in a child file comparison.


Fixed password edits not gaining focus when navigated lớn using the keyboard.


Fixed scrolling speed and mouse wheel/trackpad scrolling in all viewers.Fixed various drawing và scrolling bugs on macOS 10.13 & earlier.Fixed mặc định window positions to lớn use the current monitor rather than the primary one.Fixed various issues with undo/redo in dialogs và path edits.Fixed moving windows by dragging the titlebar, statusbar & the empty space lớn the right of viewer tabs & toolbar buttons.Fixed keyboard navigation khổng lồ follow system "Full Keyboard Access" setting.Fixed double clicking on the titlebar/toolbar lớn maximize/restore the window.Fixed numeric text edits with up/down buttons reporting the wrong value if a dialog was closed while it still had focus.Fixed incorrectly drawn focus rings.Fixed touchpad elastic scrolling to lớn not affect dialogs without scrollbars (e.g., About dialog).Fixed popup buttons not showing icons in the button or dropdown.Right clicking on the titlebar caption no longer shows the path lớn the BC executable.Fixed coloring for selected lines in listboxes (both focused & inactive) & when the parent form is inactive sầu.


Fixed "Tweaks" page not including a scrollbar.

Text Views

Improved editing performance.Fixed editor inserting characters in the wrong spot when in a gap or when replacing a whole line selection. - September 3, 2019

Notable Changes

Added support for Microsoft OneDrive sầu.Added support for autocompletion in path edits.Fixed corrupt text/graphics on macOS Catalina beta 6 và later.Improved appearance & behavior of treeviews, listviews, & other controls.Improved stability & various other fixes.

Cloud Services

Added support for Microsoft OneDrive.

File Formats

Fixed "Description" field for new file formats including text from most recently used tệp tin format.Fixed "XML Sort" & "XML Tidy" handling of whitespace và line endings.

Folder Sync

Fixed "Auto Sync" button caption never updating to lớn "Sync Now".


Fixed SFTP keyboard interactive sầu authentication dialog not appearing, hanging connection attempts that require it.


Fixed installing new versions from the Cheông xã For Updates dialog on macOS 10.15 Catalimãng cầu.

Look & Feel

Fixed appearance & behavior of listviews & treeviews. Primarily affects "Finder Integration", "Archive Types", and "Toolbars, etc" pages in Preferences.Fixed gradient used for titlebar, viewer tabs, and toolbars.Fixed appearance of tệp tin viewer Find và Replace panel.Improved appearance và behavior of Session button"s dropdown danh sách.Fixed appearance of FTP profile timezone edit.Fixed appearance of About dialog.Fixed appearance of Folder Compare column headers.Fixed Search edit focus behavior và focus glow.Fixed appearance and behavior of the color well.Fixed page control background color.Fixed character encoding dropdown to lớn use proper separators rather than blank lines.Fixed appearance of calendar border in cảm biến dialog.

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Added support for autocompletion in path edits.Added liên kết lớn Check For Updates in titlebar when a new version is available.Fixed corrupt text/graphics on macOS Catalina beta 6 và later.Fixed copying text to lớn the clipboard including an extra NULL character.Fixed ctrl+left cliông chồng to be treated as a secondary/right clichồng.Fixed Dock thực đơn to include open windows and "New Session" submenu.Fixed default window size/position when launching for the first time.


Fixed "XML Dump" handling of ampers& characters.

Text Views

Fixed Patience Diff alignment never completing if the last line of the comparison is an orphan.Fixed selection coloring for selections starting immediately after a tab character.Fixed gutter width wiggling when inserting new lines.Fixed dictionary popup not appearing when there are multiple monitors with different dimensions.

Text Merge

Fixed Cut & Paste not working in the path edits.


Fixed crash in text editor when using non-US keyboard layout.Fixed crash in Folder Compare when using Refresh.Fixed crash in Folder Compare when sorting by CRC.Fixed crash when moving symbolic liên kết across filesystems.Fixed crash on startup if an existing instance of a different .phầm mềm bundle is open. - June 19, 2019

Notable Changes

Improved stability & macOS 10.15 Catalimãng cầu compatibility.

Folder Compare

Fixed file operations not starting until the mouse moved.Fixed placeholder text in username/password edits for FTPhường profiles.


Improved compatibility with macOS 10.15 Catalimãng cầu.App bundle is now notarized by Apple.


Fixed crash in folder compare when canceling a tệp tin operation while still loading subfolder comparisons.Fixed crash in Home View when using session "Save sầu As" while saved sessions are filtered out.Fixed crash in trang chủ View when using session treeview inline rename.Fixed crash in MP3 compare when changing Importance in Session Settings.Fixed crash when using Finder context thực đơn to lớn compare two folders. - June 6, 2019

Notable Changes

macOS onlyUpgraded khổng lồ 64-bit and re-implemented interface in Cocoa. This is a significant change. See known issues danh mục & expect bugs.Added tư vấn for macOS 10.15 Catalina beta.Text editor enhanced with macOS-specific behavior.Added Full Screen mode.


"Cheông xã for Updates" now uses HTTPS connections.Fixed "Reveal in Finder" so it doesn"t ask the user for permission to lớn automate Finder before it works.Added tư vấn for per-monitor high-DPI images.Upgraded third-party libraries.

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Text Views

Added tư vấn for custom keybindings in ~/Library/Keybindings/DefaultKeyBinding.dict.Added support for long-pressing a letter to lớn select an accented variant.Added support for system pop-up dictionary (Ctrl+Cmd+D).Added support for deleting accents on characters & segments in multi-segment glyphs (Ctrl+BkSp).Added support for Killing (Ctrl+K) & Yanking (Ctrl+Y)Added tư vấn for setMark:, selectToMark:, deleteToMark:, swapWithMark: keybinding commands. They don"t have sầu key mappings by default.

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