Here in the States, summer has arrived, và while many of us are suiting up & diving inlớn the pool, others are gearing up and diving baông chồng inkhổng lồ work. Over the last few months, production has been ramping up as more people can safely return to lớn work. To support the increased demvà for content, we’ve released a new version of Media Composer with features that tốc độ up the production process, helping you complete more projects faster while remaining focused on doing your best work. Take a look at what’s new in Media Composer 2021.6.

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This highly desired feature request is here, enabling you lớn drag clips (or other bin nội dung such as effects or titles) from one open bin window to lớn the bin inhỏ presented in the Bin Container or Project Sidebar, increasing workflow efficiency by saving clicks. If you have sầu bins within a closed folder in your sidebar, dragging assets khổng lồ the closed thư mục will expvà it, so you can continue to lớn drop them inlớn one of the embedded bins.

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Display Duration in the Bin Status Bar


Get the Most out of Existing Resources

Distributed Processing provides comprehensive administrative sầu tools to create logical worker groups, monitor queues, and prioritize jobs. Make the most of your resources by turning your Media Composer workstations inkhổng lồ Distributed Processing workers and sending jobs to Media Composer clients—Mac or PC—when they’re not in use. Or you can offload everything khổng lồ dedicated machines.

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With production starting up, and with many of us able khổng lồ socialize safely again, the need lớn get work done quickly is more pressing than ever. Whether it’s turning around more compelling stories faster to satisfy viewer demand or gaining the upper hand on complex truyền thông tasks so you still have time to lớn relax by the pool, efficiency is key. And the lathử nghiệm updates khổng lồ Media Composer and Distributed Processing provide everything under the sun lớn accelerate your workflow, letting you work smarter—not harder. So, break out the SPF và let your work and productivity shine.

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