Bloông xã potential viruses, protect your privacy, and improve sầu Windows performance completely in real time.

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Secure Your Private Data

Your computer is a big house full of personal information. How to keep your private data secure? What Advanced SystemCare Ultimate does is to create a security shield khổng lồ prevent such sensitive sầu personal data, such as files, photos, contacts, & digital fingerprints from being stolen by unauthorized individuals. And stop hackers from taking over your PC remotely. If there is unauthorized access to lớn your private data, the program will blochồng it upon detection.


Real-time Protection

Prevent from viruses, spyware, ransomware, trojans, & more potential threats in real-time.



Antivirut Database

Ensure up-to-date Windows protection to lớn scan, find, & remove sầu tons of viruses in one cliông xã.


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Startup Optimization

Manage overuse startup items & stop them easily for a faster system response tốc độ.


Junk Files Clean

One-cliông xã to scan and clean invalid entries and junk files to reduce disk space và the risk of Windows crashes.


Media Review

"Advanced SystemCare Ultimate is a powerful anti-virut và system optimization tool. Apart from protecting your PC from malware, viruses & similar threats, it can also boost your PC"s performance by applying various registry and shortcut fixes, removing junk files, scanning local disk volumes for system vulnerabilities, etc."


User Review

"I have sầu had a past problem of always messing with my computer. Then I got my first copy of Advanced Systemcare. There is no need to mess around any longer. Now that I have antivi khuẩn, included in the hàng hóa, my need for secondary software is none existent. Advanced System Care Ultimate is the new mother load. The big winner! My computer is always up to lớn date và runs like deer. Unlike other products; there has not been a constant stream of conflicts."

Rod Garnett

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User Review

"On the past version of advanced systemcare ultimate, i had no problem on almost everything, system, malwares, etc. and now, it"s updated, more features on it will make my máy tính xách tay run 5x faster than before. i also like the new skin of it. so next time i fix other"s computer, i recommend advanced systemcare ultimate as their antivirus/system optimizer."

Dareen Lyên ổn

User Review

"I have sầu used various versions of Advanced SystemCare for several years. When I looked at the features of Advanced SystemCare Ultimate I knew I had to lớn have sầu it. It has not disappointed me. One of the simplest yet effective sầu programs I have found khổng lồ keep all three of my computers healthy."

Always Keep Your PC Safe and Running Fast Like New with Only One Click.

Free Download Buy Now (Only $29.99) V 14.3.0 | 89 MB Supports Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10

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