While the biggest news with Premiere is its restoration lớn the Mac platkhung, Adobe has still seen fit khổng lồ update the Windows edition at the same time. Apart from the CS3 splash screen, the phầm mềm looks identical, but there are a number of welcome additions behind the scenes.

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One of the main highlights is the Time Remapping ability – something Avid Liquid has had for a while. You can now tốc độ up sections of a clip, freeze frames in the middle, or even make a clip play forwards and backwards, all using a timeline rubber b& and a few mouse clicks. The control system is simple khổng lồ understvà when you’ve figured out how the two-part keyframes work.

Another useful new feature is clip replacement: if you regularly reuse old projects but with new media, this will tốc độ up your workflow no over. You can swap one clip on the timeline for another in the bin, but maintain all filters và editing settings you applied to lớn the original piece of footage. Although you could save sầu filter presets & apply these khổng lồ a new clip, the new facility is much quicker. Even more prosaic, but similarly useful, is the ability lớn open multiple instances of the Project window, making dragging assets between bins much easier than before.

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The Effects portfolio hasn’t changed much since Premiere Pro 2, but the MainConcept-powered Adobe Media Encoder has been considerably improved. You can now encode H.264 as well as MPEG1 and 2, plus Flash, QuickTime, RealMedia và Windows Media formats. You can create Blu-ray-compatible files in both MPEG2 và H.264 formats, with a comprehensive mix of presets for either. Portable devices are well catered for too, with Windows Media presets for Zune, Creative Zen Vision and Palm handhelds. The H.264 options include iPod, 3GPPhường & Sony PSPhường integrated with Adobe’s Device Central.

Premiere Pro CS3 is more web Clip friendly as well. Encoding to Flash from Premiere Pro 2 involved a time-consuming process, where Premiere wrote the timeline lớn a temporary file and then called up QuickTime to lớn encode it khổng lồ Flash. The latter stage has been removed, making Flash encoding much quicker, although you can’t add custom metadata lớn any resulting FLV files. There are also H.264 presets for the primary video-sharing sites, including Google Video, MySpace, Yahoo Video and YouTube.

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Although đoạn phim Notes were available in Premiere Pro 2, Adobe has made them much easier to lớn locate as an Export option under the File thực đơn. There’s a new Export to Encore option too. You’re given the choice between a video-only or menu-driven disc. Both load Encore & use it to lớn burn the disc, but where the former automatically takes you through encoding khổng lồ the prompt for blank truyền thông lớn be inserted, the latter opens the authoring environment.

We’ve always liked Premiere’s logical video-editing interface, but the spiralling price had made it look poor value compared with Avid Liquid’s excellent built-in DVD authoring. This time around, Adobe’s masterstroke is getting Encore & OnLocation CS3 in the box and still charging less than the previous version.

OnLocation và Encore

The beta of OnLocation shows great promise – we’ll bring you a full Đánh Giá once we’ve seen the final code. But Encore hasn’t changed much in its transition lớn CS3: the headline feature is support for Blu-ray – & not just MPEG2-based discs. Projects can be at 7đôi mươi x 576, 1,280 x 720, 1,440 x 1,080 & 1,9đôi mươi x 1,080, with interlaced fields or progressive frames. But, best of all, the H.264 codec can be used to lớn fit more video onto lớn a disc. Dolby Digital sound & automatic transcoding at 15Mb/sec up to lớn 40Mb/sec are also available. You can even create a Blu-ray project & burn to lớn DVD or Flash SWF from the Build tab.

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