Adobe Encore CS6 6.

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Download. Skết thúc Adobe Premiere Pro projects directly khổng lồ Encore without rendering, và then use flowcharts khổng lồ define và view their navigation. Encore is included in Adobe Premiere Pro software. Encore CS6. Speed up your Blu- ray Disc & DVD authoring workflow & get rock- solid, native 6. mở cửa & save sầu projects fast, & get dramatic performance working on demanding projects. High- unique DVD & Blu- ray authoring. Get extensive sầu functionality when authoring DVDs and Blu- ray discs. Encore CS6 supports Blu- ray chapter playlists, 8- bit color highlight buttons, and menu color enhancements và lifts the 9. Blu- ray slide shows. Fast MPEG import. Bring MPEG assets inkhổng lồ Encore CS6 fast, as multiple import processes happen simultaneously in the background. Pixel aspect ratio correction in pđánh giá. View the correct px aspect ratio when previewing DVD simulations. DVD, Blu- ray Disc, & website DVD authoring. Moved Permanently. The document has moved here. Efficiently create DVDs, Blu- ray discs, & website DVDs, all from a single project. Timesaving Dynamic Link. Sover your Adobe Premiere Pro sequences directly khổng lồ Encore without rendering first. Changes in the timeline are reflected immediately in Encore thanks to lớn Adobe Dynamic Link. Flowchart. Define & view the navigation of your DVD, Blu- ray Disc, & website DVD projects by using a visual representation of all points và links. Variable zoom speeds up your workflow. Powerful website DVD authoring. Create powerful website DVD experiences that replicate all the functionality of their Blu- ray Disc counterparts, thanks lớn tư vấn for pop- up menus, multipage menus, and thực đơn looping playbachồng. Customizable encoding presets enable even more control. Sleek interface for website DVD titles.
Create website DVDs that have a sleek interface, offering easy- to- use playbaông chồng controls plus the option to watch HD video clip in full- screen mode.

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Integrated search for website DVD titles. Engage viewers effectively with keyword- searchable web DVDs. Encore uses metadata from thực đơn và button names, speech analysis, and subtitles lớn make web DVDs searchable. Background batch encoding. Work efficiently by offloading transcoding jobs to Adobe Media Encoder, freeing Encore for other tasks. This is particularly important with 4. K và 5. K workflows that normally tax your system. Third- tiệc ngọt encoding integration. Choose the right encoder for the job without sacrificing efficiency. Integrate third- các buổi tiệc nhỏ encoders with the Encore workflow to tap into lớn advances in GPU- accelerated encoding. Cross- platkhung projects. Share Encore projects without worrying about platsize compatibility. Encore projects can be moved between Windows. Browsable multipage menus on Blu- ray projects show options across multiple menu pages without interrupting background element playback. Maintain the 2. 4p look all the way lớn output with native sầu tư vấn for 2. Blu- ray, DVD, & web DVD titles, with correct display of 2. K & 5. K mastering. Take full native 4. K and 5. K format productions directly to lớn high- definition Blu- ray Disc. Use Dynamic Link to lớn open Adobe Premiere Pro 4. K and 5. K sequences in Encore without rendering first. DDPhường master support. Create replicated discs from Encore using direct DDP master support for DVD discs. The output file can then be sent via FTP.

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directly to lớn the mastering facility.

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