This document provides information about known issues & bugs fixed in Dreamweaver CC 2017 releases, with links to workarounds where applicable.
Subtitles for Quichồng Tutorial videos vì chưng not appear in French when you install Dreamweaver using French Canadian language in the Creative Cloud application.File operations like open, save sầu, switching between files, etc. are slow if the local path to lớn your site is located on a mapped network drive sầu. To improve sầu the file operations speed, specify the remote path in the Site Setup dialog box when you create a site.When you add a folder to lớn .gitignore, files other than untracked files are also grayed out.When you open & cthất bại Git Bash in Dreamweaver, you see an error message.The buttons in the Git panel vì chưng not respond when css files are getting compiled in the repository.You are not able to lớn discard attachment of a css file from the Git panel.Git in Dreamweaver currently does not support access lớn enterprise accounts that require two factor authentication using https.With the Russian keyboard enabled on Windows, if you press Ctrl+D in Code View, the current line is deleted.

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If your search query contains a double-byte character, it is treated as a special character, và the Match Whole Word filter is disabled.Find và Replace is not enabled for Quick Edit & Code Inspector.
You cannot open Campaign files from the Campaign website portal if Dreamweaver is open.An admin cannot install the Campaign extensions for all users on their machines.In localized versions of Dreamweaver 17.0.2, the version number in the About box still displays 17.0.1 instead of 17.0.2.
You cannot rename a user-defined code theme on Windows operating systems, ifthe system user name contains non-ASCII characters.Aulớn compilation is not triggered on file save sầu for newlycreated/copied partials in current site.Generated CSS files for SASS/Less are not auto pushed lớn remote hệ thống though the preference "Automatically upload files to lớn hệ thống on Save" is selected in Site Setup.(Windows only) Slight offphối while using Quiông xã Edit in Hi-DPI monitors.The keyboard shortcut for xuất hiện in Browser (F12) actually provides real-time pđánh giá. To avoid this issue, use the thực đơn option instead of the keyboard shortcut.

Dreamweaver CC 2017 (December update) contains fixes for the following issues:

(Windows only) Fixed UI layout issues on HiDPI screens, such as the Preferences window that overflowed visible screen area.HTML entities in JavaScript và JSON are overwritten with symbols on file reopen after save.(Mac OS only) Clicking OK in "Configure RDS Server" dialog was not saving RDS settings.Custom file extensions added in MMDocumentTypes.xml are opened as plain text files without code coloring.The
rules in CSS are not colored differently from classes or ID selectors.ID & class code hints are not displayed on typing . (period) or # in related CSS files.Cursor position in Code-Code view and Code Inspector was not independent & clicking either of the views was syncing IPhường position in both code windows.On applying code formatting for shorthvà PHP blocks, syntax is broken.In Korean và Japanese locales, compound characters disappear while typing and clicking outside current IPhường. position or pressing Spacebar.(Windows only) Selected path for Compass config.rb is suffixed with / in Site Setup > CSS Preprocessor > Compass.Choosing Insert > Hyperliên kết does not insert hyperliên kết in code.User selected fonts in Preferences > Font is not applied in Code view.Focus is lost from Code view on clicking the Tag Selector.Pressing Ctrl/Cmd++ or Ctrl/Cmd+– in Code view does not zoom in or zoom out code font kích cỡ.On clicking the Replace All button in the Find and Replace dialog, Dreamweaver does not replace all matching instances in template files.(Windows only) Skip & Add Next Match to lớn Selection keyboard shortcut does not function.Dreamweaver CC 2017 does not automatically save open documents if you retain preferences while upgrading from Dreamweaver CC 2015.

Dreamweaver CC 2017 (17.0)

Known issues

Auto-save sầu & auto-recovery
If Dreamweaver crashes with any dialog box open, changes made to lớn the files just before you opened the dialog box may not be recovered.
HTML entities in JavaScript và JSON files are overwritten with symbols if you save sầu and cđại bại the file & reopen it.

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Code view Zoom in/out KB shortcuts Ctrl/Cmd++ or Ctrl/Cmd+– does not work. To work around this issue, press Ctrl/Cmd+0 once and then try to lớn zoom in/out.Code Hint Tools in Code view context thực đơn are not functional.ID selectors code hints are not displayed for ID attribute in HTML tags.(Windows only) Line numbers are not highlighted in red for CSS Preprocessor errors in SCSS files.(Mac OS only) Clicking tag selector can sometimes lead khổng lồ Code view losing focus.(Mac OS only) You cannot insert recent snippets using Insert > Recent Snippets thực đơn.Related CSS files appear blank if you edit a CSS property in CSS Designer, or if you edit CSS in Live sầu view. To see the file again, clichồng the source code and open the CSS tệp tin again to lớn see the code.

In Dreamweaver"s light theme, the icons in the Property Inspector for some of the properties (such as the Tel form item) vày not appear correctly.

On Mac OS, if you switch off the Application Frame from Windows > Application Frame, the document toolbar is not visible.


Drag and drop of images from the document (in Design view) to lớn the Assets panel does not work.

In non-English locales, there is an option to lớn create fluid grid layouts from New Document Dialog (NDD), but this option does not work.

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The keyboard shortcut for Skip & Add Next Match lớn Selection (Ctrl+Alt+R) does not work on Windows.If you have sầu multiple documents open in Dreamweaver, the Find field does not get updated when you find in open documents, và then switch to lớn another document.If you have sầu the Find dialog box open with the cursor in it, và you then minimize Dreamweaver, the focus in the Find dialog box is lost when you restore Dreamweaver.Navigation from the Search panel when you vị a Replace All (in open documents) leads khổng lồ an error for HTML files if focus not present in that specific document.
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