Audition CC offers you the most robust audio toolkit in the film industry. Audition offers you advanced features that enhance your audio unique & overall efficiency of editing audio. Use the Essential Sound panel lớn make comtháng adjustments to lớn obtain professional-quality results. You can send projects directly to Media Encoder for rendering & publishing. Dynamic Link enables a seamless, near-lossless workflow between Premiere Pro & Audition. Spectral editing tools transsize soundscapes into visual workspaces. Automatic Speech Alignment, Noise Reduction tools, & Automatic Loudness Correction are ahy vọng the premium solutions uniquely native khổng lồ Audition. 

Note: Audition is a powerful application for recording và mixing audio, podcasting, and sound effect design.

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Multichannel Audio Workflow


New in Audition CC 2017.1, 10.1 | April 2017

Multichannel audio workflow allows you khổng lồ separate all audio channels khổng lồ unique clips automatically. You can customize the channels assigned lớn a clip & adjust Specific Channel Routing.

For more information, see Multichannel Audio Workflow.

Visual Keyboard Shortcut Editor


New in Audition CC 2017.1, 10.1 | April 2017

Use the Visual Keyboard Shortcut Editor lớn see which keys have sầu been assigned shortcuts và which are available for assignment. A tool tip reveals the full commvà name when you hover over a key in the Keyboard layout. When you select a modifier key on the keyboard layout, the keyboard displays all the shortcuts that require the modifier.

Visual Keyboard Shortcut Editor

For more information, see Visual keyboard shortcut editor.

Support for PreSonus FaderPort


New in Audition CC 2017.1, 10.1 | April 2017 

This release of Audition introduces tư vấn for the PreSonus FaderPort. The FaderPort device connects to lớn your computer via USB and delivers complete transport controls. It enables fast & efficient recording, along with a high-unique, touch-sensitive sầu, motorized fader for writing fades and automation.

For more information, see Control surface tư vấn.

Essential Sound panel in Premiere Pro


New in Audition CC 2017.1, 10.1 | April 2017

The Essential Sound panel from Audition is now available in Premiere Pro. It offers an accessible workspace where you can easily apply core audio enhancement techniques. Mix for perfection exclusively in Premiere Pro, or seamlessly skết thúc your changes lớn Audition for more editing.

For more information, see Editing, repairing, & improving audio using Essential Sound panel.


Updated Audio Effects


New in Audition CC 2017.1, 10.1 | April 2017

Many existing audio effects now have spectrum meters, gain meters, and gain reduction meters. You can use the frequency spectrum to identify imbalances in audio and use control points to lớn correct them. Level Meter shows the đầu vào màn chơi of the audio, and Gain Reduction Meter shows how audio signals are compressed or expanded.

For more information, see Control effect settings with graphs & Dynamics processing effect.


Enhanced edit sequence in Audition

 New in Audition CC 2017.1, 10.1 | April 2017

This feature enhances the Edit in Audition workflow when sending Premiere Sequences to lớn Audition. Audition now supports Premiere Pro project files as the mặc định interchange format. This allows transferring significantly more information lớn Audition such as Effects and their Parameters, Submixes & Essential Sound Panel settings.

For more information, see Enhanced edit sequence in Audition.

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New onboarding experience

New in this release of Audition CC 

The new on-boarding experience offers new users a series of guided walkthroughs of common tasks. The updates includes reducing background noise, mixing audio elements, or producing a simple podcast.

If you are new lớn Audition CC, these guides helps lớn navigate the core functionality và capabilities with ease. Coach marks & concise tutorials are offered inside the application to lớn enable you lớn get started with Audition. The new update helps you khổng lồ successfully perkhung some key tasks without leaving the native environment. 

Essential Sound panel

New in Audition CC năm ngoái.2 | June 2016

With shorter turnaround times & shrinking budgets, many video clip editors phối their audio without engaging a professional audio engineer. This release of Audition empowers đoạn Clip editors with limited audio experience to lớn easily handle mixing techniques for their projects.

The Essential Sound panel gives you a complete toolset to set your audio for achieving professional-quality output. The panel provides simple controls to unify volume levels, repair sound, improve clarity, và add special effects. The effects help your đoạn phim projects sound like a professional audio engineer has mixed them. You can save the applied adjustments as presets for reuse & they reflect in the full Audition toolphối, making them handy for more audio refinements.

For more information, see Editing, repairing, & improving audio using Essential Sound panel.

Export Multitrack to lớn Media Encoder

New in Audition CC năm ngoái.2 | June 2016

Audition can now export your edited audio directly lớn Media Encoder. The feature enables a fully linear post-production workflow, using format presets and audio channel customization without rendering or wrangling various mixdown files.

To export, select your destination format và premix. The feature includes rewrapping your video for many formats to prevent re-encoding the đoạn phim stream, & add to lớn the render queue. You can even customize how your final audio channels are assigned lớn your video file.

Your project starts rendering automatically in the background when the project files are prepared. Projects that you had edited using Audition wear the Audition logo sản phẩm, making it easy to identify which projects are complete and ready for use. You can get bachồng lớn work in Audition or Premiere on your next project while Media Encoder renders the files in the background.

For more information, see Save và export files in Audition.


New in Audition CC 2015.1 | November 2015

Create remixes of music files from a collection. For example, you can take a song that has a longer duration và create a shorter version that still sounds like the original. You can recompose any piece of music in your collection to fit the video or project duration.

For more information, see Creating remix.

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